Monday, August 3, 2009

Spilling True Blood

Season two has been so bad ass and keeps getting better and better! I love and hate the cliffhangers every week, they leave me wanting so much more but it makes 7 days feel like torture! Evan Rachel Wood joined the cast, woo hoo! My favorite characters on the show are Tara, I'm so happy her character is evolving into a less stereotypical role and that she's finding temporary happiness.
Lafayette not sure about the spelling but his character is SO awesome and boy can he act!
Jason, who is beyond adorable and I just think it's such a riot that of all the charcters on the show he's the one that's been "Saved" And finally Jessica! When she was acting a spoiled mess I loved to hate her but now that we've seen her softer side I love to love her! She's one of only a few new cast member that I'd like to see on the show forever! I just love Hoyt too he's an undercover hottie!
Sookie's character in general tends to annoy me but I think Anna Paquin is great on the show I can't wait for her to dump boring old bill for Eric. She looks so different with blond hair but I think she looks better brunette...

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