Thursday, August 20, 2009

Young Smoke

~I once knew a beautiful yet troubled boy, his eyes were electric hazel and his hair was as soft as silk but his aura smelled of ashes and his lips tasted of them too~
Smoking can look sexy the way one holds the cigarette and draws on it but the smell and the taste are too grotesque for words. I'll admit in my earlier youth I smoked and still on very rare occasion will have a cigarette but it's the most unattractive habit and while it may look alluring in photographs it's truly not a trait associated with beauty!


  1. Cool pics, I was looking for photos to paint today ( i do street art ) and think im going to chose that boy smoking the top.

    Ill post a video and pics of the finished peice here if your interested

    Dont be shy to say hello either. Nice blog