Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Up Offa That Thing

Nothing can quite cure the morning blues or most any kinda blues like some James Brown music!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Artist of the Month: Anders Krisar

I'm typically drawn to art that has a lot of color and abstract qualities but I like what I like and it all doesn't fit into categories or traditional mediums. Which is why I have to pick Anders Krisar out of a few other artist I've discovered this month because it's so different. Idk what the concept or ideas behind these pieces are but when I think about it myself I've come up with a few theories on the message behind them. What makes us who we are? Is it our skin? Is it what we do, or whats done to us? Is it our scars or our fears... What holds us together? Krisar's work is focused on parts of the human body but even as realistic as his sculptures are it's not the part that lingers with you. It's not the form of the object... the body parts. It's that everything is a part of us... the pieces that hold us together and things or people that try to tare us apart aren't usually visible when you look at someone those things take shape on the inside. I wonder what we all would look like if we had our own body sculpture pieces to show those things that have made us who we are...

Easy On The Grunge

Cool Cover Art

Just some unique and inspired cover art that caught my fancy recently!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lighter then Words

The Constellations

I mad as hell right now! Last week thanks to my favorite music website indierockcafe.com I was turned onto this band The Constellations and they're so fucking awesome it physically hurts to acknowledged that in February of this year they performed in Covington Kentucky which is my area man I live in Cincinnati but Covington is like one of Cincinnati's playgrounds and shit man I didn't even know about them then and I missed them being so close. How often does a band I like get that close to me where I could freaking walk and bus it to their show... NEVER! They better come back or I'll be crushed!

Seeing Demons

Do you believe that every human has a gift? A special trait or awareness that connects them to dimensions outside of our limited 3d? I don't know about everyone but I can see/read people. Sense things about them, more on a scale of good or bad vibrations. I know they say never judge a book by it's cover and first impressions can be wrong... yet 9/10x I'm right. I can sense when someones got a demon that rules over them, sense if someone has no good in them at all. Read someones eyes and know they're tortured or ignorant. When I'm wrong it's always one way, it's that I thought someone was good or mostly good and they weren't. I got good vibes and they're eyes we're movable like water, grass, honey or mud... but the story goes that the truth unfolds and the serpent slithers out of them and bites me. The bad never come back... not to my knowledge but the good are easily molded and corrupted.
It hurts the most when you realize you were wrong, that where you thought was once a halo are now horns and eyes that once linked to a soul are now empty and hard with no reflection. When you witness something like that it changes you, makes you a middle man or an in betweener. Cause once you see evil it sees you and you don't come back 100% pure from that. I see my own eyes changing. One's good, one's bad. You can't have it all either way you go. I'm attached to my consciousness and it's drawn to both sides. I can see demons and sense pure light but I'll never be either. Maybe once I was but like with most children the world stomps it out of you untill it's gone or you forget it's there. I'm on a mission though to keep my eyes open and point out the darkness from the light to those that can't see.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Late Night Mistakes

Don't you just love people?!? I mean some remind you to laugh and be silly-er and others reward you with knowledge that even on your worst day... well things could be worse :) haha
People also let us know that if your a light weight or are a black out drunk that you should avoid being around tape, markers... & people while drinking! lol

Dark Night Of The Soul

This music makes me wanna get really messed up and get all emotional and then like write or paint. Haha seriously though I hate when I stumble upon really great music super later but at least I've heared this album now and can add it to my list of great car songs and all time favorite mellow jams!

Weird & Wonderful Art