Monday, August 31, 2009

The Queen Has Arrived

Okay so I finally got around to watching the new episode of True Blood, "Frenzy" and while the episode in general did not disappoint I was a little disappointed with the storyline and dialog written for Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne. I mean come on, you have a major talent on your hands and all you can do with her is give her a character that's a total cliche? The cussing and sexual innuendos sounded more like a unevolved teenage girl than an unevolved vampire queen. I expected a little more class. Woods performance in general was great and her acting ability certainly made her scenes genuine enough but ultimately I think it was the writers that failed her character and the fans! I did like the twist with her lover being Sookies cousin, which was actually quiet clever and I thought the Yahtzee game thing was just hilarious. Still they could have gone deeper and developed her character more, hopefully in the third season they'll find the time to do that. The episode as a whole was great and the cliff hangers as usual have me beyond anxious for the finale but If I know True Blood then I really don't see a hell of a lot of closure in the next episode, which means in two weeks all us True Blood fans might be faced with the biggest and baddest cliff hanger yet! Ahh if onlt our emotions did work like this ^

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