Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Artist of the Month: Russ Mills

A few months ago, probably longer I came across a really cool photo like these of a girl who appeared to be flipping her hair back, it was all black, white and red. I remember loving that photo so much I printed it and added it to a collage of cool art and images that inspire me. I never knew who the artist was. Well after I saw these photos and read a little article that came with them It made me wonder if Russ Mills was the same artist, so I did a search and sure enough that photo I fell in love with a while back is by Russ Mills! I'm mesmerized and entranced by these photos that have a Rorschach inkblot feel to them in the blurred and frenzied movements created by Mills. I'm so thrilled to see his work and follow his career now so that I can fall deep into the mysteries of every piece! Check out more Russ Mills art here:


Thank You Albotas

Stupid weed head turned a controller into a pipe!

Yup men are killing kitties and girls are growing beards!
Wow so I read a lot of silly blogs and I love crazy random people and ideas. An I read this blog at albotas.com that's about comics, cartoons, graffiti & randomness and I haven't been on in awhile but I just was on and they had so much amazing and hilarious shit posted! My side hurts from laughing so hard. These pics and the videos are all on that site so check it out!

Adorable Holiday Cookies

Omg these little turkey sugar cookies are cuter than most new born babies! An of course I didn't see a picture of them until right after thanksgiving. :( oh well.
I love these to death omg so cute and is it just me or does it REALLY kinda look like these cookie bears are flipping someone off... lol one more reason to love them!reindeer cookies!
I just HAVE to make some of these this year they are super cute and look really easy. Check out tasteofhome.com & mycrescentwow.com for these recipes and other yummy ideas for your holiday menu!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aren't We All...

Bone Fever

I don't know who the artist of this is but I need to find out. It's so cool I need to see more!!!! I love bones and bone art work is just blisssss :)

Really? Why You Gotta Try So Hard?

Why? Why? Why? Why are they trying so hard? Real life is provocative, and the Skins UK show and at least with the first two seasons it was so good because it was so real. It wasn't trying so hard to be edgy and provocative. An the more I read about and see the MTV promotion for the US version the more turned off of it I get. This show will never live up to the original. So why do they think that instead of doing an original American spin on it and trying to make a good show it's better to just be raunchy and cheap and focus on the party side of the characters and not the real depth of the characters? Fucking American television! This last pic isn't so bad and I like the black and white style photos better then the ripped off look of the top photo from shoots with the second generation cast of girls!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Terrible It Is...

Death is all around me these days. In flash backs and fast forwards. People I never knew and people I really did. So much of the world we live in and the flesh we live in is a mystery. We don't know what we are, where we came from or where were going. The whole human race is just a simple, violent, complicated and beautiful little ant farm. We call blue, blue because someone decided that's what it was for us. We've been fed lies and we feed them to others.
Death is so final, it might not be the end entirely for those that die. I'm 99.9% sure there is some kind of afterlife, but it is final for those left behind. We're still stuck in this little ant farm with all are little ant bullshit and we don't ever get to see the one we love again. In this life, in this body, we will never see them again. They are gone and lost to us. I could not live to turn 23 or I could live to be 90 years old and it won't change my version of forever. Forever is as far into the future as you can see. In a few hours I'll be going to my first funeral in four years, my third ever and I'm watching someone close to me plan a 4Th. I don't understand why. I don't believe people die so we can appreciate life, because death makes life less appreciable. It makes it weaker and harder and emptier. All life is divided between good days that go too fast and bad days that go too slow. I don't know where today will take me or how I'll feel 10 minutes from now but I know some of my loved ones are dead and the rest of us are all next. How do you like them apples?

Life Isn't A Movie

Life isn't a movie unless you count god as an audience. Death is tragic from every angel and yet life is also. So what does that leave us with? The ones left behind and the ones snatched away... where is this line that divides us and who put it there?

The Wisdom In Words

Thinking of Cassie

In memory of my favorite Skins character Cassie! The three original pieces I found on weheartit.com and couldn't track the artist the photos were on bing. I've been a skins fan for years and the original cast will always be THE cast and Cassie will always be my favorite, Hannah Murray is a phenomenal actress that I wish got LOTS more work. But she does have two new movies coming out soon, Womb and Chatroom!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Art That Makes You SWOON

She goes by Swoon in the art world but her real name is Caledonia Curry and I was surprised to lean that these images are of wheatpaste (I have no idea what that is) prints and cut outs. I'm really not sure how or what she does to get these results but it's stunning and thoughtful with a bit of a wild outlaw graffiti style.
I couldn't find an all swoon website but this link will show you more of her work.

Graffiti Skeletons

Love graffiti! Love Skulls! :)

Artist Unknown

Two recent incidence involving my blog have brought my attention to something that maybe wasn't crystal clear in some of my previous posts. My main focus with this blog is to share my interest and fascination with all forms of art. In some of my earlier posts I would just post one photo or a series of photos that I found online and I would title that post with whatever the art brought to my mind and I often times didn't know who the artist of these photos were and I wouldn't go to great lengths to find out. I still do posts like this where I'll do a search for photos where I have a theme in mind like say skull graffiti and then I put all my favorite pictures on my blog to share with whoever reads it.
I have never claimed to own any photos or artwork that I did not make myself.
I am an artist but I rarely post my own artwork on this blog and every time I have, I've stated very clearly that it was my work. So everytime I post pictures of art and I don't say "this is my work" then it's not my work! I chose to use this blog to share art that inspires me & If I discover an artist that I particularly love I will post links to their website and links to other blogs that show their work. I don't do this with every photo I post because most photos online are not listed by the person who took them or created them.
So just to make sure it is now crystal clear most the art shown on this blog is NOT mine. It is art by various artist that I like and admire. I mention the artist of said artwork when I know who the artist is. When I do post my own art on this blog I mention in the post that It's my work.