Monday, November 30, 2009

Things That I Know Well

On a brighter note, things are looking up in the job hunting department for me so hopefully things follow through and then I can go wild on Christmas gifts for my family lol that's my favorite part about Christmas seeing my little cousins go crazy opening gifts. Last year i got all of them (5 cousins under 13) books and at first it was so funny cause they all did that "oh cool thanks jess" fake I love your gifts response lmao but when all the other presents were opened they all went back to the books and noticed that they were not normal books, they had games and pop ups and all kinds of cool stuff and then I saw that look in their eyes like okay this is pretty cool. I still beam when I think about it. I love books so it's best to get them while they're young and teach them books are cool lol!
I also put the Christmas tree up a few days ago and my cats are loving the tree skirt.

My new obsession, gallery glass; fairies, angels and dragons... I'm a kid at heart what can I say?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

You'll Never Be Ready For This

I've mentioned the free masons and the Illuminati and other aspects of what's going on in the world in terms of swine flu and so on in one of my other blogs before but since I'm trimming the places I blog at and kinda reconstructing whats going to be on my remaining blogs I'm going to be putting more information as I learn it on here as well. The vast majority of people I come in contact with are clueless about the masons and all that the government is doing to enslave the human race. Over the last few months I've learned things about my country and the world... universe, I/we live in and it's essentially caused my mind to first explode and then expand because as much as we've been taught to believe and taught to ignore there is still so much more information available to us that you can never really prepare yourself for. Like the chemtrails and people controlling the weather about how a law has already been passed to ban the selling of vitamins and minerals it's just not being enforced yet. The government wants to force the population into submission and they want to dumb us down and kill us. You think it's a joke right... that I'm crazy and all these other people that believe it are crazy well trust me I wish that could be the case but truth is truth and unlike the masons and our government I don't want to force anything on anyone. All I want, all I hope for is that people start thinking for themselves and questioning things. Once you open your eyes to all that's really in front of you, you'll want the same thing for others.

The below video is very interesting and has some great photographic evidence and shows the difference between chemtrails and contrails, the only thing i ask that you over look is the stupid sequence with the hooded figures and the electronic music with the repeat voice overs by the women talking about fluffy clouds, that hurt the overall effect of the the video but it provides a lot of good information!

The video below is kinda long but well worth the watch when you have the time!

To do your own research and to see for yourself the mass amounts of information available you can go to and and you can also google and youtube words like free masons, illuminati, new world order and so on. Also true fact the top and botom photos were taken off a free mason website that is for it's positive message... go figure!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Artist of the Month: Archann

I just love his work, ever piece is so creative and explosive these are my favorite pieces but do check out his page and other works at:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

True Story

Best Cover Ever?

Me Thinks so!

In case you haven't herd of Meghan Tonjes you need to check out her youtube.

One thing she does that I love is covers a new song every Tuesday and this Tuesday she did Bon Iver :) :) :) and she did a brilliant job!

Bon Iver, I Love You

The first time I heard a Bon Iver song I though hmm... okay different but pretty cool. Yet it didn't quite sink in until a month or two later when I herd Ellie Gouldings cover of Wolves and then I downloaded the original Bon Iver (Real name Justin Vernon) version. It's the kind of music your soul has to be ready and in the mood for. It's so blissful and painful and soothing. Ah I just love the music, it's not just the voice... it's the chords and the lyrics and all of it put together that make the whole album seem like on united collection, like a book written in music notes and each song is a different chapter in the same story. Wolves, Skinny Love, Blood Bank, For Emma and Lump Sum are my top 5 favorites but every song of his is locked into my mp3! You might not be ready for him yet but when you are this album will feel like a piece of you you'd lost and it will metaphorically fill your heart!

Thanksgiving Madness

Yea Thanksgiving is less than 24 hours away and already chaos and madness has ensued through out part of my family! I used to love the holidays as a small child but as a women the older you get the more responsibilities you take over on holidays until one day you find yourself doing it all and boy oh boy it isn't easy. Days of preparation, at least a $100 budget and two days of cooking all for an hour of grubbing on a day that always begins and ends with family drama! Happy Holidays cause this is what it's all about! But it could be worse I guess we could be the food on the dinner table!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skins Series 4 Behind The Scenes

I've found a crap load of photos of the cast filming and on location for series 4 of skins and a few extra and random shots of the cast hanging out, eating cupcakes and wielding fake (hopefully) guns. I love this show and have come to love the new cast, not as a reflection of the old one which is irreplaceable but in their own right they are all amazing actors that have encompassed some brilliantly written characters. The start of series 4 isn't too far off and while we only get 8 (Ekkk!) episodes, the new trailer proves it's going to be unpredictable, dramatic and lots of fun to watch. I've been hearing lots of spoiler rumors but I think we can all expect the last episode to leave us wanting more. I think someone is going to die, based on the gun clips and blog rumors but I really doubt it's Emily! I just hope Freddie's little sis Karen doesn't take over as the Effy of the 3rd cast and 5th season cause I'm sorry but I can't stand her character!

Scorpion Tramp Stamp

So I've been out of it the last few months. Don't really want to elaborate. I've recently gotten into gallery glass which is what the above and below pictures are, they are gallery glass designs I've done, the above picture is an Amy brown fairies and the below picture is like a fairies I have on a t-shirt. It's basically just like painting your own sun catchers pretty much.I dyed my hair black with a blue/purple hue, It's a really lovely color just maybe not the best for skin cause it makes me look even paler then usual but it's good till I need another change. I also happen to LOVE mango's, I prefer the frozen kind and for my 21st birthday (which went horribly wrong per usual and was full of unwanted drama entirely unrelated to me) I decided to make a vodka mango smoothie which was so delicious and yummy. Also a look inside my unhealthy freezer :D
One thing that did go well for my birthday was that I got my scorpion tattoo! This is not a very good picture but I don't feel like hooking my camera up to the computer anytime soon but this was taken on the 14Th and now my tattoo is 7 days old! It was my first tattoo but certainly not my last, in fact it was so tolerable I got a second one right away of a small peace bird crying on my left shoulder. Those pictures are even darker and sadly I let it get a little dry one night while I was sleeping and some of it cracked so it needs retouching but no biggie. I've also been in a massive pursuit of the perfect angel wing tattoo. An I found it finally on a wanna be suicide girl website tramp stamped on the back of some girl moonlighting as "Angel" and as soon as I've got the money it'll be my tramp stamp as well. have a look:

Aren't they super freaking awesome! I think so :)