Friday, April 1, 2011

Can't Hold Me Down

  Hmm... so I updated my account with whatever new upgrade they recommended and now there is a little pop up when I go to upload a photo that says "Only select images that you have confirmed that you have the license to use." & I'm pretty pissed off because that's just bullshit. It's not like I'm making a profit off of this blog or anything so why can't I post images I find online at popular search engines like bing or google and other public websites? I need a license to add a photo to a free blog that has 11 followers... really? Well Fuuuucccckk that :)
  I created this blog for fun because I wanted to write about the art, music, movies and miscellaneous life filler that interests me. I started out just putting mass photos up that I found on deviant art that I thought were cool and every once in a while I'd post about something personal. Since then I've evolved to include my opinion more and I started tracking down the artist and linking to websites that host and created the images and artwork. This is a form of free speech, I'm not claiming to own any of these photos, I'm just showcasing them on a little seen blog.
  So I'm going to keep on doing my thing and post photos I think are amazing that I find online. If I can find the source, as in the actual photographer or actual artist then I'll continue to link to their website. This is to encourage people to get involved in art and to appreciate art. So these new "rules" can suck it!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Art Websites It's my go to website when I want to look at quality photography on any subject. Often times I'll stumble upon just one photo of someones artwork and I'll trace it back to the source that opens my world up to more amazing artists. It lets you keep track of the photos you like and follow the people that post best photos. One look at this website and you will understand why I love it. I'm a visual person and on the homepage alone there are so many amazing pieces of art and photography and fashion that you want to click on 10 things at once. This is a website that's a huge source of inspiration to me as it connects me with beautiful things I wouldn't see anywhere else. Trendland is all about fabulous forms of art. The illustrations and photography they feature showcase some of the most beautiful and emotional art I've ever come across. The whole website is focused on interesting forms of art and expression. This is another website I go to when I'm looking for new inspiration and I want to be swept away into someone else's vision of the world. It's a brilliant website. Not to be confused with the link above trendhunter is a website/online magazine where High Fashion meets High Art. This website showcases so many creative artist and photographers it's insane. I've come across many posts that lead me to artists that soon became my favorites because of this website and I can always find something here that I want to share on my They don't post as much as I'd like but they give me great ideas for art projects and they feature some really unique art and artist that I'd never come across anywhere else. I love me some graffiti and this is my favorite website dedicated to street art. So this was a taste of my favorite art websites. These are places where I find most of the pictures and artwork I post on here to share with whom ever stumbles upon it. I don't always link to ever source every time as I like to link the viewer directly to that artists website so that they can get more fans and inspire more people. Yet without these websites myself and a vast amount of other people would never come across half the beautiful images we've seen!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Martin Millar Books

I loved Ruby & The Stone Age Diet, it was wild and off the wall. I didn't enjoy Lux the Poet as much but it was still a really unusual read. There were just so many characters to follow, some were interesting others were boring and it lost my interest at times. He's still an amazing author with a very different style. I would recommend reading them both though, I just liked the top one more. I'm planning on reading more by him too cause Martin Millar creates such a realistic and sometimes insane world for his kooky characters, that it's hard to go back to reading regular styled books.

Sweet Potato Chips

These were so freaking delicious! omg and silly me I thought they would be healthy because they were made from yams and I made my own "light" seasoning. Turns out anything you fry is not healthy! They were the best chips ever. (aside from Grippo's BBQ of course)

Studded Grilled Cheese

Stuffed Grilled Cheese! Tomato, green onion, feta and sharp cheddar cheese. Makes the best grilled cheese ever.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Would You Sleep Here?

Now I think this house is pretty cool considering it looks like the oldest house ever but it's probably brand new and was just made to look old ha ha or not. I can see this house crumbling under a few kinds trying to play hide and seek inside.If I was one of the raised with wolves types then this nature made root hut would seem pretty cozy. You would think the bed on the water would be kinda cool but in reality waking up to hundreds of mosquitoes swarming you under Victorian lace, doesn't sound that awesome after all.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Martin Millar Art

Turning out to be a great day for finding amazing art! I was looking for info on the writer Martin Millar and I came aross the the artist Martin Millar. One look is all it takes to see how cool these pieces are. Check out more and even buy some of his prints here:

Artist Of The Month: Beatrice Boyle

In case you haven't notice I'm a sucker for dark and twisted portraits. Which is a little odd because I don't do portraits myself but maybe that's why I'm obsessed with them and the artist that create them. Beatrice Boyle creates the epitome of the kind of art that moves me. It's very tortured and the lines of reality and perception are very blurred in her work. Every one of her illustrations is like a punch in the stomach or a slap in the face... emotionally that is. That's what I love, this is art that makes you feel. It makes me wonder about these girls and how the artist came to showcase these different emotions with each of them. Is it a glimpse into their souls or the artist's soul? Perhaps a bit of both.
^She's got a really cool blog that you should follow as well^
^And check out her website^

Midnight Easter Egg Hunt

Good Times!

Rooms That Make Me Jealous

What a magical look and feel this room has. It makes me think of the tents I used to make with my moms linens when I was a kid. Only these picture make it look so much more fabulous. I would love to live in a place like this, all soft candle light and fluffy pillows. It'd be like living on top of a birthday cake!While I could do with less pink, I love all the cool ideas in this above picture. I love the tree design at the head of the bed and the cool quote on the wall. I'm a sucker for lights being used inside like this but adding them with this do it yourself style canopy bed takes it to a whole new level of awesome. Books. Books. Books. I'm a super nerd when it comes to them and I'm very attached to my personal collection even though I have no where near enough to fill a wall this size but I think it's adorable how this photo uses homemade latter of all sizes to give a kind of optical illusion to the viewer to make it seem like the shelves are bigger than they are. To think a few twigs and some hot glue could transport a few simple bookshelves into a seemingly vast and magical wall of books is amazing. I'm so going to steal this idea and adapt it into my room.
I love me a big kitchen, especially since I have such a tiny one. I like this kitchen cause of the warm colors and open space. The beautiful colored marble counter tops along with all that cabinet space. Plus at least two islands to prep your food on. I'm seriously jealous of this kitchen!Another cool picture of someones den/library. Hell I would make this my bedroom if I could. I like the idea of color coding the books but mostly that couch looks so inviting. Like it would be the most perfect spot to snuggle up and read a book.

Somersault Movie Review

I absolutely loved this movie. It's not a happy, energetic, feel good movie. It's a sad, coming of age story about a runaway who's trying to get her life together. This movie was very timid at times but it's also very deep. I'd seen Abbie Cornish in a few other movies like Candy and Stop Loss but I never really thought much of her. That is until I saw this movie which was one of the first films she was ever in and I kinda fell in love with her. She acts with her whole body and her eyes really do pull you in and emote so much. She would have made an incredible silent movie actress. Lucky for us those days are over and we get a whole lot more. This is an Australian film, and as someone who hasn't really seen many (if any) movies that were made in Australia with an Australian casts, I was pleasantly surprised. My only qualm is that the movie could have done with a lot less nudity and still had the same calm before and after the storm feel to it. None the less it's a beautiful movie along the lines of the British film Fish Tank.I loved the colors in this film. The cinematography was brilliant. The way the two main characters would look through goggles and pieces of glass made you feel like they really wanted to see the world differently, to be different. Some scenes were so pale and cold while others would be so warm and almost electric. The colors and backgrounds of this movie are really beautiful and add tremendously to the raw feel of this movie. I highly recommend you see this if you get the chance.