Friday, October 30, 2009

Worlds Best Office

Okay so I hate weddings especially the really traditional ones but... I love the office it's really is the best comedic show on television and even when they have an off episode that's more craptastic the fantastic they always make up for it! The six season has started off more slow than fast but the wedding episode was one of the best outta the last two seasons. Jim and Pam got married and though I had given up all hope that the wedding would ease the pain of the will they or won't they couple officially making it official... they totally got me! I admit my eyes got a little moist when Pam and Jim ran away from their wedding party to get married on a boat by the Niagara Falls and it all seemed finally and non-traditional perfect for them! All the dancing and Dwight kicking towards the end was just icing on the wedding cake cause what really made this video was seeing that sometimes getting what you want can be a great thing!
An then there was one of the most stupid office episodes ever... Mafia...
Yea the title had promise but it was a major let down after the lolgasmic wedding episode. Thankfully they came back swinging with: The Lover
which is now up there as one of the best Office episodes EVER!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Only Exception

I've been awfully sick the last two weeks not doing much more than reading, listening to music, sketching and trying to break through time. I like to blog about things that interest me and to share cool photos I find and artist that inspire me and most my findings come from some corner of the Internet and I just haven't had much taste to get on the computer recently. Hopefully my sudden late night burst of energy spills into the rest of this month.
Is there anything more splendid and euphoric than music? It's a wonderful way to channel your energy and thoughts and get something back in return. I've mentioned my enthusiasm for the new Gossip album but I've been taken over by another girl fronted indie rock bands new album and it blows the competition right out of the water!

I'm speaking of Brand New Eyes by Paramore. They had me at "Here we go again" but it was more of a kindred spirit type love but from the first listen of their new album I can't help but describe it as true love at first er listen! The songs go deeper and indie-er than the first single Ignorance which is actually my least favorite song on the album. And the lyrics speak to a wider more inhibited audience and well I'm just a sucker for an anti-love song that speaks to what every cold empty hearted soul keeps locked up... that we all hope to find that one exception to everything we know to be painfully heartlessly true! An Paramore delivers it all track after track :) an they are just getting started! Listen to a few of my favorite track of Brand New Eyes

I'll stop at five but seriously this album is the best work they've ever put out and I'm thrilled!

My dreaded birthday is vastly approaching like that skittles or M&M commercial where that guy eats out of his friends hour glass speeding up his ageing progress lol and well It's making me want to be young and careless all over again I had blue height lights once and I'm think I'd like to do all of my hair a crazy color like teal or violet my hair is just so long and well I'm a natural brunette so It's not gonna be easy and I'll probably chicken out cause there is nothing worse that having your sweet old grandparents look at you like they brought the wrong kids home from the circus ya know? Ehh... Idk, I'm almost 21 and I remember turning 16 like it was yesterday. My birthday in general always sucks and I have other reasons to hate the week of my birthday but this whole rapid ageing thing really makes me want to do away with birthdays all together!
I'll leave you with my favorite artist of the moment Joshua Petker this piece is called I Don't Love Anyone

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fish Tank

Subtle brilliance! I had the pleasure of watching Fish Tank, written and directed by Andrea Arnold, last night and I'm so glad I did. First off British movies are almost always portrayed in a more realistic and almost gritty kind of way. It reflects the way the world really is apposed to the dream reality created for teens and adults in a lot of American movies. I read numerous reviews of the movie before I saw it some said it was too "gritty and depressing" while others saw it as boring and "not dark enough" while I found it fell nicely between the two.
The movie is about a 15 year old girl named Mia, her mom's a young self-obsessed lush more concerned with parties and men than her kids. Mia is bitchy, angry and feels alone, she drinks and dances her pain away in an abandoned flat as her only way of escaping her reality. You start off loathing the two female leads but when Mia comes across an old horse that's sickly and chained near a trailer she softens the tiniest bit and tries to break the chains to set it free. (This is the whole point of the movie in that Mia herself feels like a tortured and chained horse bitter and stuck in a bad situation that just wants to be free or like a fish trapt in a fish tank staring out at a world she can't touch.)
As the movie progresses Mia's mom brings home a new boyfriend and there is instant sexual tension between the two. Her moms new boyfriend serves as a positive influence of sorts at first, encouraging Mia to believe in herself and to pursue her dancing. But when their relationship crosses the line which was inevitable it changes everything and sets Mia off towards a serious emotion breakdown that takes her down an even darker path than what she started out on, but she isn't the monster or bitch that you think.
You start to slowly unwind the characters cores and you see Mia as more than just a pissed off teenager. She's not nearly as tuff on the inside as she is on the outside and she's not a bitch she's just a product of her enviorment. Even the mother you feel for in the end, she's not a good mother by any means but you see her cracking as well and you see a girl, not a mother just a tuff little girl choking and drowning in the reality she created.
The boyfriend Conner played by Michael Fassbender didn't come off as a predator or a creep more like a boy who can't help himself even though he tries, he avoids responsibility and runs from his problems to avoid the consequences. In fact all the grown ups in this movie come off more as lost little kids, while the actual lost kids in the movies are forced to take on grown up roles. I could go on and on about how amazing this movie is. It's beautifully filmed and the acting is nothing like acting it's all incredibly real feeling. The bright shining star of the movie is Katie Jarvis who plays Mia. In her first shot at acting she comes off as an old pro and I hope she has a long acting career ahead of her because I'll never forget her performance in this movie!

She Comes In Color

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Careless Whisper

I'm a huge Gossip fan and I can't believe it's taken me so long to report that I love their new album! Music For Men doesn't disappoint at all, while none of the songs have the same electric energy that Standing In The Way Of Control had, it's not really a bad thing. The new album is amazing just in a different way which proves they're growing and expanding and in a positive direction. I've been working my repeat button on the songs 2012, Pop Goes The World(It really grows on you!), Dimestore Diamond and my favorite... For Keeps! The entire album is great, it's a little more mellow than their last one but it still doesn't lack energy or creativity.

I'm also in LOVE with their cover song of Careless Whisper by Seether.
Just when the original has become so played out,
A new female empowered version comes out getting me into it all over again!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dead Until Dark

A photo I took from under a highway by my old job. I just love graffiti! Below is a piece I did using metal pop tabs and safety pins. My new work still needs to be put up on my page and then I'll have more to show.
Going to Metamora Indiana tomorrow for their annual Canal Days celebration. I'm broke and jobless so It's mostly going to be a big tease but hopefully I get some good photos out of it if it's not to crowded. I've also been reading, reading, reading day in and day out this past week. I got a Sookie Stackhouse book box set with the first 7 books and I've been reading non-stop and now they're all finished :( and I'm having some serious cravings to get the last two books but I'll have to wait. Seriously they are awesome, fangtasticly addictive books! I think it's safe to say they are even more addicting than the Twilight Saga books and the Harry Potter series! Yes they are THAT good!