Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Cast Of Skins

Well folks here they are! I know skins fans are opinionated and loyal but most the fan comments on e4 have been bashing the second generation with little hope for the third. I along with a good deal of other Skins fans have confidence and hope in the show that is as known for reinventing it's self as it is for it's controversial story lines. I love this show and like everyone else I was sad to see the first generation replaced but I grew to love the second generation and I know the third generation and the next two seasons to come will be just as interesting and entertaining. This time around the cast has a totally different look and vibe I'm excited to see them all in character on screen! This is my totally superficial guess at who I think will be the most interesting characters :) I'll update when the show stars to see if my estimations are correct.
Beautiful hipster tomboy... I wonder what her issues will be?He could be a loyal best friend with a wishy washy sexuality or a tortured trouble maker! She could be a goody goody or the wild child...

One thing is for sure, I'll be watching!

True Blood Sucks

I've been a fan of this show since I learned that Alan Ball was behind it and the first two seasons which stuck strongly to the storyline of the Charlaine Harris novels were exciting and entertaining but as a whole I think season 3 sucked! It was lack luster and boring compared to season two. The third season strayed from the third Charlaine Harris book to such a disappointing degree that they royal screwed themselves out of a great storyline that spread through the rest of the series. Vampire Jessica was hardly around and when she was her storyline was typical and predictable. Sam evolved from the dependable good guy to a real asshole with a killer past. Eric had some of the best moments this season but his ever changing hairstyle is distracting and conflicts with things they've said about vampires. His hair was long then short now it's short and nearly brown. Jason is the one character they just won't let us figure out because they keep throwing him into crazy situations where he reacts differently almost like he's got a multiple personality disorder! As for Sookie what happened to the polite and proper girl we saw in season one? With her ever growing bad attitude and new found love of curse words they put her over the edge by dumping Russel's lovers melted insides down the drain and thenhaving her laugh a hauntingly evil laugh that made me wonder how much farther down this road the writers are going to take her. Don't even get me started on the weak and forgive my using the term "retarded" way they are portraying her Fae heritage. The best actor coming out of this show by far is the actress Tara played by Rutina Wesly. She has been the silver lining through out the whole season and the one character the writers have evolved and even tortured in a way I can appreciate and enjoy watching. She is one hell of an actress that deserves an Emmy for this season. I was however heartbroken to see her cut all that beautiful hair off before she left town in the finale. Overall season 3 is not one I'll be watching again on dvd. I'll tune into season 4 out of curiosity and hope that it'll be better. Also the fact Sookie now knows the truth about Bill I'm really looking forward to season Eric and Sookie's relationship heat up! This season needed more Evan Rachel Wood!!! She's great as the vicious and sometimes vulnerable Queen Sophie Ann. An just to beat this old drum one more time I hate seeing Anna Paquin with blond hair! She was just so much prettier as a brunette and I don't think I'll ever really like her blond it just doesn't suit her!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On A Day Like Today

Anything can happen...
Anyone can happen...
On A Day Like Today...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Memoir Of A Runaway

I just finished Neon Angel and I have to say it's the most interesting and oddly relate able memoir I've ever read! My other favorite memoirs include Prozac Nation which I was deeply obsessed with in high school and Running With Scissors. All of which have been adapted into movies!
At first Cherie Currie's memoir reads like a crash course on how to become a rock star. She's a unique and sensitive soul, tortured just enough by her parents separation and eventual divorce to evolve from a wallflower to a David bowie obsessed outcast. After being sexual abused by her twin sisters boyfriend at the age of 15 Cherie finds ways of expressing herself while hiding herself at the same time. She dons a mask of confidence complete with red, white and blue hair and takes control of the negative energy people are giving her and shoves it right down their throats with a -if you think I'm weird... I'll show you weird- attitude. It works and soon she's goes from queen of the odd balls to a sort of local trend setter. It's during this time she get approached by Kim Foley to audition for lead singer of his new band The Runaways. That part is history she makes the band and bonds with Joan and Sandy while clashing with Lita. The road leading up to their fame is bumpy and filled with dozens of drug addled and misguided adventures every teen faces, rock star or not. As well as shocking manipulations these girls faced and accepted at such a young age as the price you must pay to be in a successful band.So much goes on in this book that covers their first, second and final tour in Japan. One thing missing from the book is the strong bond Cherie says to have shared with Joan that is never really explained. Little comments about how Joan could always take her out of a depressive spell if just for a moment with a smile or a joke but nothing that really makes the reader understand it. It's almost completely over looked in the book which is odd because in the movie it plays a pretty major part in the bands dynamic as well as Cherie's life. I can only think that she wanted to keep those details private... but then other sad and horrible details pertaining to her sexual abuse and abortion where left in the book which suggests that maybe she left out the true nature and bond of the relationship she shared with Joan per Joan's own request. Either Way this book is so good and I wish I could give my opinion of every detail of this book and describe all the thing I took away from it. As you progress through Cherie's memoir it becomes less about the life of a rock star and more about her struggle with drugs and alcohol. Fueled by many things but mostly her inner demons from her childhood, her regrets about the band and her tangled family relationships. I've learned so much about her that I never knew and while I didn't feel pity for her I did feel a sense of protection. Cherie reminds me of a long time friend of mine. Someone often called a drama queen for her always emotional reactions. She feels so deeply and every pain she experiences is like a physical cut across her heart. Not everyone can understand how much emotions can control a persons life. Cherie is one of those people that I feel are so sensitive and tortured that they have adapted to waring armor of some kind, armor made of drugs, alcohol, art, hate, sex... anything, as a way of protecting and disconnecting themselves, that also lets them feel in control while being out of control. Idk maybe I'm way off. Anyway... so much is detailed in this book about Cherie's life before, during and after her experience with the Runaways but it cuts off rather abruptly at the age of 24 once she has cleaned up her act and become a drug counselor. She had so much talent and potential that I think everyone around her took a piece of her for themselves thinking she had enough to spare when really they ended up taring her apart. The good news is she rebuilt herself over and over again from singer to actress, to drug counselor to personal trainer, to chainsaw artist, to author... she's had quite a life and I encourage you all to read her memoir. I can't believe how much I've written and how much I still want to say but I'll leave on a good note:

Look at her now! Wow. Her and Joan both have only gotten better looking with age! They still seem to have the same look though, Joan all dark and edgy and Cherie is like glam tomboy. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Movies About Mind Controll and Project MKULTRA

Conspiracy Theory is about as blatant and in your face about what the MKULTRA project was and is. A very good movie, some funny moments with a kinda boring and cookie cutter ending but the storyline and specifically a lot of things Gibson's character mentions in the first half of the movie are all based on facts. I guess it's purpose was to either rub it in our face that it's going on or to make it seem like fiction so it would seem less believable or both.I've yet to see the original Manchurian Candidate but I plan to especially since I've read reports that suggest Frank Sinatra was a controller and in this movie he plays the part of a mind controlled victim. The new version is pretty damn good though and disturbing. It's a movie that only hits the tip of the ice burg about who's behind all of it but it's a must see. Still it's another movie that tries to fictionalize these issues and it has cookie cutter ending as well. V for Vendetta is about a lot issues we are facing right now even if some are less apparent and in your face as they are in the movie. I like this movie for showing the control these groups of controllers have over not just the government but the media. The news is patrolled and people who think everything on CNN or where ever is accurate and up to date are ill informed. Who do you think owns all these big media companies? They tell people what they want them to know. Also the mind controlling techniques & torture & experimentation that V experiences is all to familiar to things I've read about MK-ULTRA survivors.Now I'm not suggesting that this movie is 100% true, I think one thing that the controllers are good at is putting a lot of misinformation out to confuse people that read between the lines. But I think the whole Buy, Consume, Obey mind controlling and brain washing that goes on in advertising is right on the money! Also anyone who isn't at least open to the possibility that aliens, star beings, people that aren't human exist is in serious denial. I also believe that aliens are on this planet in the form of shape shifters or connected through royal bloodlines that have a different DNA pattern as well as ulterior motives and plans for our plant. It's a good more it more ways than one. It's scary in a real life way but also very comical in the way the aliens look. Worth your time for sure!Who hasn't seen or hear or read A Clockwork Orange? Obviously mind controlled is used to try and :cure" his bad behavior in the movie but I find the underlying implications to reveal he was a programed controller who's vicious and evil ways got too out of hand and needed some extra re-programing. This movie points out that while all humans are both mixed with good and bad qualities and tendencies so possibly are aliens and beings from other places in the universe. Brain washing is a pretty big theme in a lot of Hollywood movies! The Matrix, everyone has seen it by now and while I don't believe we are all in a computerized life game, I do think that it's possible beings and entities on higher levels and frequencies can influence the matrix of this planet and our universe in ways we can't understand. Consciousness is what drives this planet and I don't it's all entirely human.Now this movie is awful. Like really, really bad but it holds a lot of Miss-directed truths. Brainwashing people through music, mind controlling mass amounts of people to buy buy buy and stay up on what's in and popular. Good message in a bad movie.

Fantastic Planet is not necessarily about mind control or brain washing it does however tell a very unique tale on how the human race came to be so evolved and I find the ancient pyramids and monuments that are so large and that we're still very baffled to how they were created using sticks and stones basically to be very interesting. I've always had the notion... what if they were built to scale for their time. What if back in those times Giants or beings much much larger than we are now ruled the planet back then and built these statues and pyramids to a size proportional to them... after all in all these monuments and even cave drawings from 1000's of years ago they show really tall people standing next to small people. That tells me we have a lot to learn about our planets history as well as the our species history!

If you know of any other movies about mind control, brain washing, project MKULTRA or some fictionalize conspiracy you find treads the line between fact and fiction please mention it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Toilet Waterfall Wall = Art???

Now I'm all for thinking outside your creative sandbox and recycling household and everyday items and making art with them is awesome but recycling toilets? Even using new toilets for art... or artsy-ish projects seems a little... dirty?!? It's an interesting idea in theory but in real life a toilet waterfall induces more cringes than ohhs and ahhs.
One thing is for sure if they want to keep this wall art clean they're going to need an awful lot of scrub brushes and bleach.. unless they think the natural erosion will add to it's uhh... toiletry ness.

My Favorite Emmy Pics

This is by far the best picture I've seen from the Emmy's/after parties! I love True Blood and least anyone forget the extremely entertaining Charlaine Harris books the show is based on and I've always thought Anna Paquin was just adorably quirky and cute but I really hate her as a blond, I know Sookie Stackhouse is a blond and all and Anna plays a perfect Sookie but she looks so much better as a brunette!!!
An even though her gold metallic studded dress was on a lot of worst dressed lists I actually really like it. She took a risk and went kinda glam warrior. I love it! Kelly Osbourne was the best dressed at the Emmy's in my opinion. I love both of her dresses, I love how even though she's lost some weight she's still playing up her curves and she looked adorable and beautiful in the black and white dresses.
Kim K and her botox face looked classy and elegant from the chin down, but Kelly steals the picture! She looks so good as a blond.Yay!!! Jim Parsons won an Emmy for being so super awesome on The Big Bang Theory... that is moving to Thursday nights! I love the show and it's in LARGE part to Sheldon Cooper!!!!! Congrats.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Searching For The Constellations

A lot of great music has been filling my ears lately and this one band hasn't been filling my ears enough! Partly because their album which is apparently already out has been a pain in the ass to find. I don't mess with itunes I like Cd's! But the 5 songs I've listened from them are weird, wonderful and brilliant. I missed the last concert they played at the mad hatter in convingtion KY and today I noticed on their website they're not selling tickets to their next gig there which is for later this month. I don't know it they're sold out or not for sale yet but I'm on a mission to find out. If all else fails I'll be taking a drive up to Cleveland to see them! I also really like the wacky photos of the band some are cool other are crazy but in a good way. I wonder who photographs them? The lead singer is really hot to he has that johnny depp quality where he can look kinda dirty and unkempt but still be sexy! The entire band is pretty good looking even the big dude with the fro in a quirky way, but the music is what makes them so check them out!