Monday, August 24, 2009

Ripping Of Skins

I read on Perez Hilton today that MTV recently got the rights to make a US version of my favorite teen oriented show SKINS. I'm feeling mixed emotions about this even though I knew it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to rip it off. It could be good if they don't try to clean the show up, cause what makes Skins so awesome is it's realistic depiction of teenagers! However the fact that MTV is the one behind this has me thinking this could get ugly. I'll most definitely tune in for the first episode to give it a fair shot but nothing will ever compare to the original skins cast and even the 3rd season skins cast. British people are just more eccentric and Americas... no offense to my own kind lolz but Americans in general are too into being like everyone else. Where I feel like other countries embrace individuality, Americans like them cookie cutter molds. Any way I guess this US Skins show is a good thing it just might turn out more like the real world meets the hills instead of what skins really is all about.
This photo below is just so cute and goofy I love and miss the original cast!

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