Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Bigger Than You Think

New Joshua Petker

One of my favorite artist on the PLANET!

Microwave Mailbox

Coolest mailbox EVER!

Why Can't I Speak To You...

Evan Rachel Wood Engaged????!!!!

What? Since December 21st according to some reports! Why am I just hearing this now???? Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I actually think they make a cute couple but 22 is way young to be getting married, so it must be love mixed with lust to = marriage so soon!
The new Vanity Fair Hollywood issue... boring. The photo is so blah and honestly why are those 3 on the cover? Ok Carey Mulligan makes sense, she's a fresh face up for big awards... new talent. But half these people have been on the cover for this issue before and well even if all these girls were picked why did they put Kristen Stewart and Abby Cornish on the cover? Kristen can be rationalized cause of all the money New Moon made but why Abby? I think Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikowska of Alice in Wonderland and also Anna Kendrick from Up in the Air and/or Amanda Seyfried for the cover shot would ahve been much better choices! Evan always deserves to be on the cover of everything because she's beyond talented and is always working on a new interesting movie. Somehow Vanity Fair got her age wrong in the issue listing her as being 24 when she's really 22! I do like that girl from Vicky Christina Barcelona however. I think the shot of them all dressed up looks more glamorous would have made for a better 3-page cover!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heartbreak In 8 Episodes Or Less

Well my stupid computer won't let me upload any photos right now so I'll have to come back and edit this later. I have to do this now though. I just watched the last episode of Skins season 4. I woke up at noon and between then and now I've spent a good 5 hours and 20 minutes sitting on my bum at the computer watching the entire season! It's an addicting show. An wow. wow. wow.
SPOILER alert... I had read some things online about this season and while some were true others are not. I really felt this season was tighter and more together than the last. All the characters had good story lines that weaved in and out of each other nicely. Last year it got a bit choppy. I love the Emily and Naomi love story and this season they were on the outs. A lot. In the last episode when Naomi spills her heart out to Emily It was so real and I'm sure most people have felt and done things that couldn't have been explained any better than in her characters words! So they pull through and honestly if they didn't the show writers would have a riot on their hands cause of all the fans rooting for them. On to Effy... In the first two seasons she was my favorite character so illusive and mysterious and disconnected, I loved her. In season 3 they cracked her open and gave her more life... life that I felt was better left undiscovered. This season it's a bit of both worlds. She goes mental which I found surprising cause she's always so within herself. It was believable though and I liked how Freddie tied into it all. I've never been a Freddie fan he's just a bit to robotic. Seeing him care for Effy made him so much more endearing and human. I knew that doctor was no good! I was shocked when he murdered Freddie. I cried. Tears. For a TV show! They filmed it brilliantly. The blood on the glass and the sounds... much more tormenting that seeing it happen in a way. It was very disturbing. The darkest skins has ever gone. The chemistry was off without him at the last party and you got a sense of "is this it? no one is ever going to know the truth...?" You gotta love Cook though for being as Effy put it "brave" charging his killer like that, and so you know he took care of him. Cook's storyline was loads better this season and I really think Jack O'Connell who plays Cook is the best actor on the show. He has the most cross over potential I think out of all the casts. I also like Katie this season, she was less bitchy and I liked that she stopped being the girl who always had to have a boyfriend. I wanted more Pandora though and I thought her getting into Harvard was a joke but so shall it be. I've read a lot of comments about how the season ended crap and didn't give closure. Here is what I think... It's not the end really, that's the point of how they left it... life goes on. People change but they also stay the same. Bad things happen, some can be fixed others can't. Love is shit and drives you mad but it's worth every ounce of sorrow. An we can all be thankful life really isn't a fucking TV show where writers decide your fate!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black & White Graffiti Fashion

In Bloom

Is it wrong for me to want this dress even though I'd never ware it? It's so cute, like a puppy I'm too irresponsible to take care of!

Art Made of Recycled Skateboards!

Recycled Skateboards make art? Aparently and from the look of these photos they make for very cool art indeed!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainbow of Influence

Coolest sneakers EVAH! My favorite Olsen looking ever so chic and a bit like a female mad hatter! I've been Reading her book Influence and it's very intertesting, I love that she's a fan of Andy Warhol!
Kaya Scodelario of Skins is in a new movie "Shank" thats out this month, where she gets smacked around from the look of these pics. Nice to see a skins girl get some fresh work. Now If only we could see more Hannah Murray, Lily Loveless and Kathryn Prescott outside the E4 realm!

Outter Limits

Goodbye New Skins

An Doesn't Megan Prescott Far Left Below Look so Much like Blair from Gossip Girl?!?It Broke my heart when they replaced the entire cast of skins after season 2 and I swore I'd never love it the same... then something strange happened, the new cast with Effy in tow grew on me and became a separate but equal part of the shows history. Idk how they did it or why but two years later millions of fans are once again left with a broken heart because the entire cast this time including Effy is being replaced. Just when the show sinks into it's rhythm an has you good and attached it dumps your ass for someone or several someones younger and moodier! I wish I could say the show will never again live up to it's previous casts but with this show you just never know! An seriously how amazing do Kathryn and Lilly Look in those top two covers!

Look-A-Like Runaways

Talk about your look-a-likes! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning of the upcoming Runaways movie shouldn't have any questions about what they'll look like in 30 years wow they did an excellent casting job! An it's nice to see Kristen Stewart in a movie without fangs. It's annoying that Hollywood keeps churning out these movies with endless sequels that have different directors, producers, writers and so on for each movie so there is no unity in style and direction the whole way through the series. On the other hand Kristen Stewart's style has never been better. I love this above dress on her it really gives the illusion she has tits! An Dakota looks adorable, I'd ware that dress if it came in purple!