Sunday, June 27, 2010


Music Of My Childhood

I would listen to this song and cry and sing along with every word when I was 17/18. I had no idea how "emo" I was being at the time.

During my Jr. High & early High School years. This was my break up/make up song.

I don't know what my excuse was for this song above but honestly I was hopelessly in love with it when it came out!

I wanted to relate to this song so bad when I was like 12, it seemed so passionate and intense! It's still my favorite No Doubt song to this day... maybe because I played it like a million times when I was a kid.

Yea... haha really what girl wasn't a little into them at some point? I don't know how old I was when this came out but I was super young and I remember singing it in the back seat of the car with Jenny & Emily.

my mom bought their album and would play this song over and over and it's always stuck with me. It's sad and beautiful.

This song reminds me of sitting in my dads truck with my little hand out the window catching the breeze and looking up at the trees as we drove through Delhi while singing along to this song with my dad. I was probably no older then 8.

One of the songs my mom would listen to while she got ready to go out with her friends when I was a kid. I loved it.

In 7th grade I was obsessed with save the last dance and this song reminds me of it.

Oh lord... yea this song... haha I'm blushing I had no clue what it was about when it out but I loved it and would sing along to it in the car so loud and my mom let me... I don't think she ever really listened to the lyrics either lol.

Lolz yet another song that was so inappropriate for like a 13 year old girl to be in love with haha.
~Honorary mention, I could find the videos but when I was 11 or 12 I went through a country faze and my first cassette tape was Lila McCann Something In The Air and the song crush on that album deserves to be on this list lol but I couldn't find the link.

Music is such a major part of our lives & I'm sure I could find at least a thousand other songs that could take me back to my childhood lol but for now these are all the ones at the front of my mind!

Ferret Sunday

For Ellen, who's been on my mind all night. I wish... a lot of things. I wish I knew what to do. Okay so some Ferrets are kinda cute...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Artist Of The Month: Marie Kavadias

For me each piece of art by Marie Kavadias haunts you with different emotions from different angels. Her style crawls from paintings to sketches to sculptures taunting and invading your subconscious. It's mysterious and familiar all at the same time. I love art that makes you think not particularly about something serious or even relevant to the work. Art that stirs something inside you and sets off little firecrackers of emotion. That's why Marie Kavadias is my favorite artist of the month for June 2010.

Horribell Originals

Look at these bad ass little crafts! I love skulls, haven't quite kicked the fetish I adapted in my teens and these make them seem even cooler. The wreaths are probably more for the Autumn season or who knows year round depending on your flavor but the Jewelry is defiantly good for any occasion. Some pieces have an Tattoo/Ed Hardy vibe while others have a more rocker/girly theme. An some appeal to horror movie fanatics. My favorite is the scissor necklace! You can find some of these and much more available at this link:

Leon, My Love

It really is one of the best movies ever. I could go on and on about all the ways in which this is amazing. The drama, the comedy, the romance, the action... Just watch it for yourself.The last scene with Matilda and Leon together always makes my eyes a little wet!
I watched it for the 5oth time last night and that song by sting is really good too.

The Space Between Trees

I'm really into tree wall decals at the moment. I think they're just enchanting. I've always been obsessed with trees and the way they twist and stretch like mystical claws, rooted to the earth. I think some wall murals can be really tacky but the tree murals are anything they but. It adds beauty and adventure to the rooms. Bringing an artificial nature into our indoor spaces. I also LOVE this tree poster bed! It's romantic and whimsical!I like the cherry blossoms & This tree decal gives the illusion of wind blowing the leaves around. Like you could just reach out and grab one! Brings me to a new book out by Katie Williams that I read for the sole reason that I figured someone creative enough to design such a unique cover had to have written a unique book. The cover is a think material that's cut out between the branches so the purple background is actually the first page made of paper. It's a beautiful book. It's about a 16 year old girl named Evie who's a comfortable nobody. She doesn't have friends just acquaintances and her only job is a Sunday paper route she's had since she was a kid. Everything changes when the body of a classmate is discovered by her crush, in the woods near her paper route.
At the funeral she mistakenly tells a stranger she was Elizabeth's (the dead girls) best friend. The stranger turns out to be the dead girls father. These events lead Evie into a tangled relationship with both the dead girls father and her best friend Hadley who is dead set on discovering the Killer. The first 3/4Th's of the book is really good and Williams manages to transform the most trivial things into magical visualizations that make the simplicity of things often overlooked, simmer with complicated details. All the characters are fascinating and seem to know everyone else better then they know themselves. The end just doesn't live up to the build up. It just fans out and at the end the lesson learned is basically that shit happens and the why and how are rarely explained and your just stuck with the fact of what happened. Over all I liked it but I'm just a little sick of all the books I read letting me down in the end.

Air Bender

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lights Camera Artwork

Leave The Smoking To The Smoking Hot

(Not Really... but they do make it look good)

Neon Angels Runaway

The Runaways was a really great movie. I say this as someone who's not all that familiar with Joan Jett and clueless about The Runaways. So seeing the movie without any preconceived notions or expectations, I was entertained and caught up in the movie the whole time. Say what you will about it excluding all the members except for Cherie and Joan. It was based on Cherie Currie's memoir and wasn't meant to be about the entire band! On looks along the cast looked like the real deal and it's amazing just how similar they all look to the real band.
What makes this movie though is the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning plays the big bright shinning star of the movie that burns out like a fire cracker only to reveal that the real fire starter was Joan Jett. You know this from the beginning with Kristen's character having little back story but being the one to set all the wheels in motion that got the band together. Dakota plays Cherie like a girl who's seen it all and is haunted by it. Her presence in some scenes is so hollow and numb it seems too real. While Kristen Stewart plays Joan Jett like a bad ass enigma locked up in her own head unable or unwilling to let her heart lead the way. She can say so much with just a look that some of her best scenes have little dialog. Again the chemistry between Dakota and Kristen is explosive you can almost see the heat radiating from them in most their scenes. It's almost like Joan Jett was in love with Cherie but kept her at a distance cause she knew how fragile and fucked up Cherie was. Anyway it's a great movie with great musical performances and supporting actors. See this movie!

Tattoo Locations

I have one in the light green area and one in the puke yellow area. I hope to add some wings to my back in the grey blue area... funny stuff!

My Kung Fu Is Stronger

Arfin Late

So I should have read this book years ago. It would make more sense if I did. After all this book isn't exactly written for a 21 year old. I was going to read it though back in say June/July of 07. I know this cause back in 07 when I was 17 going on 18 I was a subscriber to Jane magazine which was and still is to this day the best magazine ever. It was like an edgier and more interesting cosmopolitan and made me feel so cool reading it. It covered everything from quirky trends to dildos to real life college experiences to how African women live naked... in Africa. I was crushed when it folded but I've saved a lot of my old copies which help me remember the awesomeness. Anyway Nylon is my go to magazine now. But Back to Lesley Arfin and her book Dear Diary... I first read about it in the June/July 07 issue when Zooey Deschanel was on the cover and the book got a half page spread in Jane. I wanted to read it then and was even obsessed for awhile with trying to find it at book stores (I don't know why it didn't occur to me to order it from amazon like I do with most my books now.) + she hangs with Chloe Sevigyn and even got her to write an introduction for the book!
I'm rambling... So anyway 3 year later I've got the book and upon reading It's triggered all these memories I'd forgotten kinda like that sense memory thing where a smell can cause a flash back. While I think it's worlds away from Go Ask Alice, it is really raw and it captures you with wit, honesty and an adventure filled journey to rock bottom and back again. In Go Ask Alice she dies. In Dear Diary she becomes straight edge. So it's not really Apples and Oranges.
In a weird way I feel like I know Lesley, like she reminds me of a compilation of friends I've had and pieces of myself. I've never been all that curious about drugs. I mean I went through an all the kids are doing it experimental faze in Jr. high and there were a few years in high school where I became a major stoner. Other then that the temptation never got me. Yet despite the overall theme of the book it's still more about growing up and being insecure that every girl can relate to. So even though I'm a few years late I'm ready to jump on the hipster band wagon and start following more of Lesley Arfins witty what have you on her blog. I recommend this book to girls in Jr.high or high school cause it'll feel more in the now if you do. Kind of like when during my Junior year of high school I was obsessed with the book Prozac Nation and Elizabeth Wurtzel.... what am I talking about I'm still obsessed with them. Point being I think just about anyone could like or even love this book but It's made for a younger crowd.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Truth Behind The Oil Spill and What's Next

Below information was taken from
Lindsey Williams made a strong appearance on Alex Jones last night - confirming all the information reported in my 9 June report below. Click here for a 56 minute edited version of his interview. (The original is here: the interview with Lindsey starts at the beginning of hour three.)
Lindsey put numbers to the pressures in the reservoir, which his own sources feared were beyond the ability of any current human technology to control. The pressures at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, were a healthy 1,500 psi (pounds per square inch). The pressures breaking loose in the Gulf of Mexico are 20,000 to 70,000 psi.
I'll say that again: twenty thousand to seventy thousand pounds per square inch. Now I can understand why the mathematical modeling has failed [see 9 June below].
Besides confirming the almost unstoppable pressures in the reservoir, Lindsey stated the following:

---- The well casing is almost certainly fractured.
---- There are plumes of oil rising from the sea bed many miles from the blown out well.
---- The volume of leakage is in excess of 100,000 barrels (4 million gallons) a day.
---- There are volatile organic compounds (hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methylene chloride) being released in quantities many hundreds times the levels accepted as safe. In the case of benzene, which is a highly toxic carcinogen, safe levels are considered to be 0-4 ppb (parts per billion). The levels being released have been measured by the EPA at over 3,000 ppb.
---- A nuclear device is being considered to seal the well... but the consequences of failure could be truly catastrophic.
---- The blowout was a genuine accident.
---- Various insiders and insider groups had learned - through occult means - that they should sell their BP shares... although they did not know specifically that the blowout would occur.
---- Although the blowout was unplanned, the Controllers lost no time in determining to use the accident to further their own agendas.It is my personal opinion that we have here the most serious problem on the planet short of nuclear war. elite
high lighted in red!
(it edits out the commercials and unrelated information)
Skip to the 13 minute mark where it gets into the effects of this oil spill and the bigger picture!
Remember though that our future is still changeable by free will and to never stop having faith!