Monday, May 24, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard Jumps On The Model Rice Cake Wagon

Okay I realize my opinion may be influenced by jealousy but I really don't like this! Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood is dating Kate Bosworth and has been for some time but now that summer is here they have taken to parading their love all over the damn place! Forcing women and young girls everywhere that are not waifish thin and unnaturally blond to cry out... WHY???? Followed by Why can't I look like that? I find it depressing and typical for these vikings of men to be attracted to the thinnest, blondest and plainest of models once they become famous. When in reality then could be dating someone without the body of a pubescent boy! Maybe I'm going too far, I mean I liked Blue Crush when she was more than skin and bones and Wonderland was okay but really I just hate him being with anyone that's not Evan Rachel Wood... That being said they look bloody happy to be together :(
She better treat him well or actually don't... that way he can run back to ERW!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paramore Supports Mind Control?

Forget all the recent symbolism with their current albums cover and press photos like above, the real proof comes from their music video Brick By Boring Brick. I'm shocked to say the least because this song was one of my favorites off the new album. I played it so many times and know all the lyrics and even knowing what I know I'm still training myself to really LISTEN to the lyrics in songs and break them down so I know what the song is "really" about. This song though totally went over my head I thought the song was; just like writes "at face value, about a girl escaping her problems and acting childish only to realize that it makes things worse." The video however is so devastatingly obvious. Perhapse even more so because of the book I'm reading now that is about a women's first hand experience being born and raised in a mind controlled family and so all the elements of mind control and little details she talks about are just so blatantly confirmed in the music video. I want to delete and burn all my paramore music and bag, photos and so on. Why? I just don't get it. See for yourself what this video is "about"...
A girl looking into the mirror with a attitude and mood different from what you see before and after she's stops looking in the mirror. Also notice the vast number of mirrors...
The little girl runs right into her grave trying to escape the darkness... they want her to cover up her memories with bricks to block them out. Also the lines:
If it’s not real
You can’t hold it in your hand
You can’t feel it with your heart
(saying if you can't remember it or see it or feel it then it's not real... taking into account that through mind control they use other created personalities to experience things and forget so it never happened.)
And I won’t believe it

But if it’s true
You can see it with your eyes
(you can see it so that's how you know whats a fantasy and whats real. but if you can't control your own mind then who ever controls your mind controls what you know and remember seeing)
Or even in the dark
And that’s where I want to be, yeah

-Then Hayli picks her dall up and tosses it in after her while she gets baried!
So sad Paramore, R.I.P. and may god forgive you!

3 Of How Many?

3 legends killed because of the New World Order. More later!

The Lovely Heartbreak

I don't know why I waited so long to see this movie. I loved the book and looked forward to the movie but when I had the first of many opportunities to see the movie I chose not to. Finally I watched it and I cried almost as much as when I saw Passion of The Christ. I've actually got a headache now from all my blubbering. The movie was an astounding and lovely adaptation of the book. All the actors aside from Rachel Weisz (weird cause she's a great actress but in this she just felt detached) flawlessly made their characters real. I wasn't to keen on Mark Wahlberg playing the dad but he changed my mind and made me believe him with every emotion that played across his face and body. Saoirse Ronan was the key to the whole movie, at time average looking and childlike and other times hauntingly beautiful with eyes that pierce like glass. Everything about this movie was haunting and sad and powerful. My only negative was that SPOILER the ending was different than in the book. In the book Susie's killer played by Stanley Tucci (His performance was so chilling and enraging) gets caught and her body is found. In the movie neither happen it ends with her killer rolling her 3-4 year old dead body stuffed into a safe into a huge hole before in gets filled in. While Susie's "ghost" kisses her would be boyfriend in another girls body. The whole thing just made me cry and repeat NO NO NO it was just disappointing not on a movie level but a personal one where I was counting on her body being found and the bad guy going to jail to put my own heart at ease. In the end an ice sickle falls on the killers shoulder causing him to fall over a cliff and die. All thing said and done this was a great movie. The purgatory scenes are out of this world and the whole storyline will break your heart. Susan Sarandon did a great job to as the cool grandmother come to help the family keep it together. She offered the only comedic balance as the one person who handled the loss the best & brought little joys to the family with her city girl limitations!

Art, Crafts and Mind Control

I've been busy making things (a purse 100% from scratch by myself... no easy thing!) reading things (Brice Taylor: Thanks For The Memories, the entire Cirque Du Freak series) watching things (Buffy Season one & two) listening to things (the new The National & The Dead Weather Albums) and thinking about life, creation, the nwo, era-2012 and also my personal goals. So to the (hopefully) one reader a week that See's my blog that's why I've been absent for so long but today at least I'm back and I've got a Lot I want to share with you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I just saw the trailer for by Noel Clark and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see this movie. I LOVED Kidulthood and really liked Adulthood the sequel. The movies are all London, UK based and filmed and aside from being a really gritty and amazing director, Noel Clark is also a really great actor! He always plays a part in his movies and this one is no exception. The new movie is about 4 girls with 3 days running around 2 cities with 1 chance... to either steal some diamonds or return them! It stars a pretty gnarly cast a lot of which have been in Clark's previous movies as well as Emma Roberts who has the best scene in the whole trailer at the end!The trailer reminds me why I love everything from the UK! It reminds me of Skins and Shameless more in dialog and just over all vibe and the storyline and characters remind me of a seriously underrated movie called GO. I hate having to wait for movies lol but this is one movie that's sure to be worth it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Reckless Music Works

I can't really stress enough just how impressed and excited I am about The Pretty Reckless. My only qualm is with the marketing. I think much like everyone else that it's Taylor Momsens band... and I guess in reality it is. She was signed and then ditched all of her original band only to replace them... granted with much more talented musicians. The new sound she has in her demo songs and her recent performaces is 10x more matured and put together than it was when she was touring with the veronicas at first. The big question is what songs are going to make it onto her album? The reality is she has a LOT of great songs that won't make the cut. I also have to mention that the Kick-Ass soundtrack is amazing! Below is a cool video I found on that lets you meet the other band members as they discuss the colabortion process and the status of the new album.

Below videos of some of my favorite songs by them:

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Sasha Grey Experience

Well I finally got around to watching The Girlfriend Experience last night. I've been intrigued by Sasha Grey ever since I watched her in a not so flattering interview with Tyra Banks and then became more so when she popped up all over the place in magazines and interviews to promote this movie. As curious as I was about this young women who was so confident and secure with her sexuality and career choices I wasn't that interested in seeing the movie. I didn't think it sounded very interesting, in fact I thought the only thing interesting about it was that a porn star was playing the role of high class escort. Then last night I saw the movie listed in a play list on a free online movie site and thought why not? Overall the movie was pretty interesting and while I was impressed with Sasha Grey and her acting abilities I was less impressed with Steven Sonderbergh who's done such movies as Traffic which is probably his best work ever and also Solaris which is another favorite of mine by him. The basis of the movie was that Chelsea: a high class escort that specializes in the girlfriend experience, is also in a committed relationship with a (very cute!) personal trainer and is working on upgrading and expanding her business through different outlets while also falling for a client risking her year long relationship in the process. What kinda baffled me was how Sonderbergh decided to chop parts of the storyline up and jump from point A to point C and then end with point B. Even if he had done this well which he didn't, it just didn't flow with the story. In a mystery movie sure and some other genres have gotten away with it but it just didn't make sense here. It was like he wanted to make the movie more artsy and complicated and in the end he took away from the complicated artsy indie movie he had created naturally. Sasha Grey's character isn't what you'd expect and her storyline is more about her day to day life with clients she's built relationships with and you get the feeling while she's playing a part she also likes to believe at least at moments that she is the characters she plays. What I found most interesting was when she's being interviewed by a journalist and he mentions that right when he feels like he's getting to see her real side and get her honest perspective on what she does, he See's her retreat behind her armor and asks her if anyone can ever slip through the crack of her armor to get to the real her and she says "No, most people don't" it's in this moment when you see that the armor is a huge part of who she is and I think that's what makes the character somehow despite what she does for a living so relate able. It's a simple movie about normal complications... ok what's normal for some people and yet I do think Sasha Grey shines through as the star even more so than the movie as a whole. It's definitely worth a watch, and I don't think this is the last "main stream" acting role in we can expect from her... at least I hope not.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fernando Herenu

The Grunge Princess

Taylor Momsen's style has continued to evolve into an edgy underground princess themed tribute to grunge and lingerie and I just love these photos I found of her, I don't know when they were published or in what magazine. I recently read that she doesn't like pants and prefers skirts or tights and since she can rock just about anything I can see her coming out with her own clothing line or something before she's 20. I'll be reviewing her music in an upcoming post which is surprisingly really good.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?