Saturday, August 29, 2009

Riverboat Birthday

So the 23rd was my mothers birthday and I took her on a BB Riverboat dinner cruise on the Ohio river. It's was a really cool experience I must say! We had a less than desirable dinner but my mom liked it enough and the highlight was really the amazing view and boat ride. I ran out of batteries about an hour in so thankfully the gift shop sold them and I was able to get these amazing twilight pictures! It was so beautiful there in the moment and alas these photos don't quite capture the simple beauty of that night! I also got my mom a keyboard that you can plug headphones into lol so I think she had a nice quiet birthday compared to last year. My objective is to give her a simple, quiet birthday every other year and in between those years throw her a big, loud, embarrassing party. So next year she better watch out ;)

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