Friday, August 28, 2009

Idols & Divas

I'm pretty excited to see VH1 DIVAS this year the line up seems pretty cool aside from Jordin Sparks and Miley Cyrus... that just don't measure up in my opinion but oh well. Adele and Kelly are looking so fierce in these promos and I just LOVE the background design and graphics! And the always adorable Kelly Osbourne looks even more adorable in the above pic on her way to rehearse for Dancing with the Stars. She's the only contestant on the show I'm interested in seeing dance but not enough to actually watch the show! Thank god for youtube!
On to Kristen Dunst whom I'll admit was my favorite actress as a teen due to her films like Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Virgin Suicides and I'll admit Bring It On. As of late though girl has been looking a washed out mess! When I saw this pick I couldn't help but smile! She looks so cute and even if the outfit is WAY over the top I still prefer it over just about everything else she's been seen wearing lately!

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