Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Movies For Halloween

This is a little list I've comprised of some of what I think are the scariest & most suspenseful or even hilarious, Halloween appropriate movies that I would watch and recommend for this time of year!I'm some what of a movie buff like most people but one thing I'm not is a horror movie buff. For a few reasons... #1 most "scary" movies I see are in fact really dumb, so dumb that I have to add commentary and break the movie down to everyone else to help them realize that it is in fact a comedy. #2 I don't like any movie with the word exorcist in the title or anywhere in the description this cuts out a fair chunk of horror movies new and old. #3 I don't like gore or lots of blood. It's not so much the ick factor because I know it's not real and it hardly ever even looks real in movies but I find that what you don't see if done right is even more scary. #4 I'm just more of a drama or black comedy fan when it comes to movies.
None the less I think there is something on this list for everyone and I recommend that everyone gets the chance to see every movie on this list at least once!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodbye Limewire

Yesterday was a very, very sad day for me. My Limewire program refused to load and let me download any music! Say what you will about it being illegal and wha wha whatever but I'm freaking poor and with all the music I love and listen to it would be Impossible for me to buy even 1/4 of the artists I adore Cd's. Not to mention that a lot of the music I listen to I discovered online on websites where the artist usually will let you download a few songs or even a mini album for free! Artist use the Internet to get people to hear about them and listen to their music... the consequence of that is people hear that music for free. I'm on the hunt for a new program that will let me download music for free cause I'm not going back to the times in the mid 90's when I recorded the songs I liked off the radio onto a cassette player, that's whack y'all!

Best or Worst Costume?

I can't help but wonder how his dick & balls must have felt after spending a drunken night cramed in a pizza box?... ?

Zombie School Girl

I also love this Halloween costume cause it's equally easy to create and equally awesome & scary. Zombie school girl or even a zombie vampire can be easy too pull off with clothes you already have and a few cheap accessories!

Poison Ivy Costume

My second favorite Halloween costume this year is Poison Ivy. I like the dress or top and skirt costumes 100% more than the 1 piece bathing suit over green tights look. For me with pants it can look more Ariel... I love the top pic costume. Its sexy, deadly and believable.

My #1 Favorite Halloween Costume 2010

Not everyone has as much love for Wednesday Addams as I do but she's my first choice for a Halloween costume this year. I've seen a lot of people dressed as her online that look more like pilgrims than a Gothic homicidal tween.

Tips to pull off Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume:

#1: Black pig tales (obviously) maybe use some sort of skull hair tie on the ends. #2: Gothic inspired black dress with wide sleeves (the white collar on the dress is not the only way to look like Wednesday Addams... see top photo!) #3: Black Lace Tights. Even if you have a long dress it works and are a nice, sexy detail that really add to the look. #4: Black Boots. What can I say Wednesday looks like a combat boots kind of girl and high heels are not gonna cut it. #5: Pale skin with simple black eyeliner mascara for make up nothing too over the top and NO red lips!!!! #6: Carry around a doll (not a barbie) that's missing it's head... or even just the head.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sandrine Boulet's Art Humor

The highlight of my day thus far has been stumbling upon the art of Sandrine Boulet. It's so creative and hilarious. Things we see and pass everyday are turned into living expressions of life and madness. Her work is so cool!

Drugs, Art & Bright Lights

Prescribed by the money makers and dream breakers...
I love the concept, I love the actual art work particularly the pieces that light up!
Check out the artist Jean Shin:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First Wine Tasting

Last night I went to my first wine tasting at Ludlow Wines "in the heart of the Historic Clifton Gaslight District" and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm about to turn 22 next month and before last night I'd never had a glass of wine. I can remember a handful of times when I was younger when my mother kept a box of wine in the fridge and I'd tilt my head under the nozzle to try it. I never liked it, in fact I hated it but I was a child and the nozzle looked like fun! I don't know if that influenced me or not as I got older but needless to say if someone offered me wine I'd turn it down in favor of rum, vodka or some mixed drink.
My opinion of wine has certainly changed at least now I know that I can in fact enjoy the taste of wine. I went with my mother to the wine tasting and we each tried two glasses of white wine and two glasses of red. Over all I preferred the white wine and even purchased a bottle of Vin Fou (we were told it means "crazy wine") which was the first white wine we tried and our favorite of the night.
I'm definitely going again, the owners where very friendly and the atmosphere was really pleasant with lots of other people there and good conversation flowing through out the room. It made me feel like a grown up! I'd suggest for other people that know little to nothing about wine or even those who think they know everything about it to go to a wine tasting near them and expand your knowledge and taste buds at the very least you'll get to try something new and have a good a time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Step Right UP

Artist Of The Month: Iemza & Gilbert1

I am so stunned and In complete and total awe at the art done by Iemza & Gilbert1! I wish I knew more about them because they are my new favorite artist and they have already inspired and influenced my own art. I love them!!!!
Above is a link where you can find more are by these incredible artist. They have almost 200 pictures of their work and the ones above are my favorites I found on just the first two pages!
Above is another VIDEO created by the artists showcasing their work and talent set to amazing music.
Above is another site you can go to where you can see more of their work!