Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've Died and Gone To Heaven

I've been addicted to true blood for some time now, I saw the first episode when it first aired and then didn't see the rest of the season till around the time the finale aired. Since then I've seen all of season one twice now and the second season is only getting bigger and better, with the cliff hangers leaving me more and more on the edge of my seat. Then today I got on ew.com to check out some comic-con links and I discovered that my favorite actress and girl crush Evan Rachel Wood was joining the cast for at least two episodes and I almost died and went to heaven from my excitement, it's like taking two of my favorite things and mixing them together so perfectly it doesn't seem real. I love that Evan is consistently choosing interesting and creative acting projects, you just don't know what this girl will do next... all you know is it's bound to be brilliant. Alan Ball the True Blood creator has me as a fan for life due to his other creation that IS the best show in the history of Dramatic Television: Six Feet Under. To this day I feel it is the only show that has ever ended in a significant way that gave it's dedicated audience a proper burial so to speak. I related more so than I care to mention with the character of Claire Fisher and the show will forever hold a place in my heart. Okay back to True Blood, Alan Ball is a genius and him casting Evan Rachel Wood on the show proves it. It's going to be absolute torture having to wait each week until her debut on the show and lord knows what I'll do when the seasons over. All I know is this is the best news I've gotten since I found out my diploma was in the mail!
These are some beautiful shots of Evan form what I believe is Blackbook magazines August 2009 cover shoot with the 21 year old starlet. I for one love her Gothic princess look, and think she is the only actress working today that I can say I loved every movie she's ever made, excluding Little Secrets but lets be honest it still wasn't that bad. I also read in the article that she loves Edgar Allen Poe and has a verse of his tattooed on her back. All the more reason to bow down to the best actress of my generation!

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