Friday, December 31, 2010

Artist Of The Month: Florian Nicolle

Wow. Wow. Wow. You MUST check out the above website. Florian Nicolle aka Neo has blown me away with her(?) work. I'm running late for my new years plans but I'm going to be following up on this amazing artist and post more pictures and link when I can cause some of these pieces make me want to cry! They're so emotional or at least thats what they make me. Check out that link!!!

New Years Resolutions

*Learn To Drive.
I've been a perpetual passenger my whole life. This year I want to change that and get my license so I can finally drive a car... far, far away! *Take More Pictures.
I have hardly picked my camera up this year, just for the sake of taking random pictures. I miss going for walks and taking little adventures look for cool things worth taking pictures of.
*Become a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian.
This is going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Partly because as I sit here writing this I'm munching on the best meat wontons you could ever dream of. I've been wanting to stop eating meat for about a year. I've decreased my meat intake by a least 10% (not much I know... like I said this is going to be hard!) and been experimenting weekly with vegetarian dishes. The problem is that I love meat and the Idea of giving up Chinese food and my cousins out of this world ham hock green beans is enough to make me cry. So you might wonder why go vegetarian then? Well it started with a book about becoming a vegetarian. It changed my views on meat, yea sure it tastes good but the way they raise and slaughter the animals and the drugs they give them combined with really becoming conscious of the fact I'm putting a previously living animals dead flesh in my body. I honestly don't believe humans were ever meant to eat meat! For those reasons I really am going to give 2011 my best effort to stop eating meat. I'm still going to eat dairy and eggs. An I know eggs could one day be baby chickens but I'm also pro choice and I'm choosing to believe they don't have souls yet! *Sleep Under The Stars.
It's all part of my quest to get more in touch with nature. I want go camping or at least sleep in the back of a truck and fall asleep with nothing between me and the stars!
*Switch to dark liquor.
I'm just sick of vodka and run and all clear liquor. So this one will be easy. Only brandy and whiskey for me from now on. *Sleep on a strangers couch.
I've never been one of those people that can sleep anywhere. I either have to be in my own bed or a place I've been a hundred times before in order to crash there. I want to know what all the fuss is about. *Write more personal letters.
I can't remember the last time I used a stamp! It seems so old fashioned now but I think it's a sweet gesture. *Read at least 72 books in 2011! *Find time to hold up cute and clever signs that make people smile & think. * I want to get a family tattoo.
Something unique to us all but with a similar theme. I also want about 3 other tattoos as well.
*I also want to write more short stories and maybe work on writing a book.
*Get back into putting my art up on deviant ART and start selling my work.
*Watch an entire movie with the commentary on!
*Volunteer somewhere.
*Stop cutting my hair, I'm only going to trim it and then see how much longer I can grow it.

Dream Of The Week

Ever see the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams? The one where he's a brilliant doctor and he makes people happy the whole movie and then outta no where his girlfriend gets killed by one of his patients? Well if you have great! If not your not missing much... except the inspiration for one of my weird fantasies. I want to swim in a giant bowl or circluar hole filled with cooked, rinsed and cooled pasta! Just like the old lady in the movie gets to. I know it sounds weird... it is weird. But it's still my crazy dream of the week!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The World Needs More of this Pitt

He's looked better but Michael Pitt is still as sexy as it gets in the face and hair department. I gotta admit I do love his barely lucid one minute, then all deep and intellectual the next attitude. Haven't really seen him in anything recently there was that weird french video awhile back. An supposedly Pagoda is going to release a new album for free soon. Till then he's in the new Nylon guys magazine issue.

Monster Workshop

Kanye is a brilliant artist no one can dispute that. However you can't watch a video like "monster" and come away thinking that he's not a monster, that he isn't embracing his dark side. Maybe he is just playing into all the Illuminati, nwo conspiracy theories but whatever the case may be he's still going to swallow up the music industry with his new album. That video is just a taste of the what we can expect from 2011 and the direction the worlds headed. I'm more shocked that Bon Iver contributed!
I'm not going to put up a link to that video cause I don't want it on my blog. I'm sick of seeing creative people in the music industry deliberately lead others down a dark path. I just don't get how having a bunch of dead girls hanging from the ceiling and slumped over furniture is sending a message that's NOT evil.
I've posted before about the Illuminati and nwo and other issues I have with the government and the music industry but at some point you have to realize that you can't show a picture to a blind man and then expect him to tell you what he sees. Not to say that every story about the Illuminati is true, in fact I believe most of them are false and spread around just to create confusion and create a controversy. It's the face of a farce created to distract people. If you open your eyes and take in everything you see then you know the world we live in right now is not the same world painted by the media and our government.

Think for yourself and share with me what comes to your mind when you look at the picture above? What do you think this image represents?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Black Swan Review

One movie I have been waiting very impatiently to see is Black Swan. An I'm so happy I got to watch it the other day. It's a really disturbing and enchanting movie that's more of a nightmare than a fairytale. I was so disturbed watching this movie that half way through it I was feeling some version of what the main character was feeling. This movie creeps under your skin and then works on tearing it's way out much like it does to Natalie's character Nina. The music is just as equally magnificent as everything else in the movie. It creates and moves along the energy of every scene. I don't want to give too much away or talk about the storyline cause I hope everyone sees this movie. Just be prepared to be effected by it. You won't be in the best mood afterword it stays with you awhile. Somehow this movie sucks you in and sits you right on the edge of madness that the movie revolves around. The whole cast was perfect, they all deserve praise for their parts in this movie but if Natalie Portman doesn't get an Oscar for this role it will be the BIGGEST insult to her. She was phenomenal!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Images That Inspire Me

I don't know who took these photos just found them online. They're all magical!

Dream of the Week

I want to start a new thing where once a week (if I can remember) I'll post a picture of something totally crazy I dream of doing but most likely never will. To start it off... I dream of crowd surfing! Just once in my life I'd love to do this and because the though of a bunch of strangers touching me spoils this fantasy just a little bit I want to put it out there that I want to crowd surf just like this genius above in an inflatable boat!

Smile Inducing

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Female Singers

Florence Welch

Joss Stone


Beth Ditto

Karen O

Laura Marling

Alison Mosshart

Ellie Goulding

Lacey Mosley

Taylor Momsen

Fiona Apple

Lykke Li

Norah Jones

Julia Stone

Gin Wigmore

I love music, I'm addicted to it. I need it several times a day sometimes all day and usualy in the form of a once gilted & now inspired female singer. These ladies are my favorite singers and if you don't know who some of them are then you don't know what your missing!