Friday, June 12, 2009

Keep Your Coins...

Haven't been able to sleep, so I've been writing. I keep a little notebook with me in my purse, so where ever I am I can write down a lyric or a thought I don't want to forget. Every week or so when I change my purse I'll go through it and look at the things I've written. Long ago before I wanted to be an artist I wanted to be a journalist and a writer. Problem was I'd start writing something on my own and get bored half way through and start writing something else until I was about half way through... My writing is something I never seem to finish. Poems and songs are different though... not sure why maybe cause they're shorter and focus mostly on one subject. I had a really crazy semi-erotic dream the other night and when i woke up I could only remember bits and pieces of it, then through out the day more parts started to come back so I decided to write it all down and before I knew it I had a 9 page long extremely rough draft to what could be a short story or the next big action movie! My dilemma now is to make the time and effort to really finish it. It's kind of exciting in a way starting something new but I get so distracted and I paint and make things every single day so I almost feel like I'll be giving things up in exchange for writing. So I have to work out a way to do both. I also just figured out how to upload a picture to my heading on my blog. After about 20 different photo's I settled for a graffiti picture on the side of a building with an open door, trouble is you can't read my blog title and description so now I've got to find a different picture or else I'll go crazy over that imperfection!
Now is as good a time as any to mention one of my biggest celebrity obsessions! Evan Rachel Wood. I've been a fan since her once and again days but most of you will remember her from Thirteen or Across The Universe. She's an exceptional actress and oh so beautiful! Every time she cries in a movie I cry... I recommend Running With Scissors, Pretty persuasion and The Life Before Her Eyes. She dated Manson, which I didn't think was all that odd and if I ever run into Perez Hilton I'll have a few choice words for him in regards to the wicked nick name he gave her. Perez has so many double standards though, he licks the ground Brangelina walks on even though they hooked up while Brad was married to Jen... and yet he calls Evan a home wrecker? Err don't get me started! Any way she's a lovely young actress, so haters just shove it!

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