Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burning Past Midnight

The first blog is always the weirdest! But I'll get over it quickly. I decided to join after I came across the blog of Rachel The Wood and after reading the first page I though... cool beans, I can do this... I already do this on, myspace... ya da ya da. (Oh yea get used to the ... I use um' lots!) So here my words are for all or none to read. I plan on posting some of my art, random photo's, links to cool articles and ideas, new and old music I'm currently into. Anything that I wanna share or keep track of myself. I do consider myself an artist of many talents and I hope to have a career in doing only what I want! Ha! I'm a cluster fuck or neon colored emotions as I like to say and that can sometimes lead to self indulgence and/or self deprecation! As for my blog title... I went back and forth between two, obviously you know which one won but the other is now my display name: Made In The J.L.A. I liked midnight art burn more mostly cause it has several meanings behind it, none of which are that I suffer from heart burn! FYI. I have insomnia or something like it that goes untreated for creative reasons. I'm the most creative and awake to my thoughts as i see it after Midnight. I'm a total night owl and I do most my work and painting in the dark and early AM. I also have a hot burning passion to create things that never were using all kinds of mediums which you'll come to see. A little taste...
This is an edited version of a painting I recently did, I like how it looks like broken glass a bit and the color changes I made make the whole painting darker. I'll upload a link to the original later.

This is my favorite piece by my favorite artist Ruth Palmer called Mystique.

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