Monday, June 22, 2009

Some of them want to...

I've had a busy weekend and I've got a lot of things I want to talk about! First off I have to mention a movie I have been anticipating for almost a year now! I still have to wait until September for it to come out which sucks, but I've waited this long! It's called Gamer and I've been watching the updates on for ages now. The Idea of it alone sounds wicked and I suck hard at all video games so it's not exactly something I consider myself interested in but this movie is going to be amazing I just know it. It stars the brilliant chameleon Michael C. Hall whom you'll know from Dexter and hopefully Six Feet Under (Best show ever!) as well as Gerard Butler and Alison Lohman among others. The preview gets me so freaking amped check it out:

There is something about Michael C. Hall...

That's so appealing...

Ashley Greene (above) plays Alice in the movie twilight and you may or may not have been troubled by this but when I saw the movie I couldn't help thinking two things, the first being wow you are perfect for this role both in appearance and personality and the second being where have I seen you? I knew I'd recognized her from some other movie and finally it hit me! She was in Boogie Nights!!!!!! Sorry this is the best picture of her from the movie I could find but I'll keep looking, that's definitely her though and she's a much prettier brunette!

Watched Sunshine Cleaning over the weekend and I have to say the movie was heart breaking and disappointing! It had everything, all the elements were there but it just wasn't as brilliant as it could have been. the characters were well developed and I thought both Amy Adams and especially Emily Blunt gave very emotional performances! It was the storyline, it took it somewhere and then left it there. It could have been 10x better. I'll watch it again probably but it'll let me down every time!

I also went to Metamora, Indiana this weekend and had a lovely time! I bought a little wooden grounding bowl and a fairy riding a dragon designed wind chime, I also took loads of pictures I still have to go over and then I'll post my favorites.

I love the song in the trailer for Gamer... recognize the song?


  1. you know, when he was on Six Feet Under i didnt think MCH was attractive at all but damn if he doesnt have that certain je nais sais quoi on Dexter! That little sly smile he gives at the end of the opening credits gets me every time without fail!

  2. Yea on SFU I was a fan of his but I never crushed on him untill dexter. I think It has everything to do with his attitude on the show and that little smirk of his!