Thursday, June 25, 2009

For The Love of Skins

Skins if you don't know is not just a wicked nick name for a contraceptive! It also happens to be the best damn show about teenagers on television (My so-called life would be the best no longer on air!) It airs in the UK and I've read that they might air an edited (lame ass) version in the US on ABC or something, don't bother to watch that though as it's likely to mutilate a great hour long program into maybe 30 minutes though some episodes will be cut down to around 10 minutes I imagine once they censor it! I'm ranting so any way... I recommend if your 16-24 years old to watch this show. It's realistic, masochistic, teens at their best and worst! It's highly entertaining and one should start with the first season for obvious reason and also because almost the entire cast gets replaced after the second season and as much as I LOVE the show the third season was not the best, the characters are awesome but the storyline lags in places! So I suggest watch the first two and by then you'll be so addicted and wanting more that the third season will still have you hooked. My favorite characters (of the first two seasons) are Cassie (now you know where I get my lovely and wow from lol) Sid (at first he will repulse and then he will attract you!) and Effy. (Because she's so beautiful and mysterious not to mention screwed up)[like so many of us] The show is one of my obsessions and you'd be lucky for it to become yours! This link is the best montage of the show ever, the douche who made it won't let me embed the code so... Oh and don't let the DJ fool you this video is off the chain!

This clip is lovely, mike bailey... I love you... a little bit!