Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graffiti View

Now This is Awesome! Battery Art! i have no clue who made this, but it's given me some ideas, so thanks so whom it concerns.
I made myself a new mix Cd, this is the cover art made up of images found mostly on photobucket. The Mix Cd features some of the music played on the UK TV show Skins.

Funny new video of Chelsea Handler hosting the Crystal + Lucy Awards in Los Angeles on June 12Th. Hilarious as always!

Headed to a flea market today with my mother, among other thing I really want some Cinnamon roasted almonds. Slow morning for me, my cat Zoe is chillin outside.

A pretty cool graffiti picture I found online. (Below) I'm gonna upload some pictures soon from a new book I got called Graffiti Women that are really amazing.

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