Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hearts Supporting Lace

Today's been a slow lazy day full of non-productivity and surfing the net for cool pictures and Chelsea Handler comedy clips. I've started a new blog as well which you can find on my profile which will mostly consist of cool themed photos I find on the web. My first theme was "Heart Shaped Glasses" These were my two favorite pairs/photos of the bunch:
I really love the pair above and the ones Lily Allen is rocking bellow

~One of my Favourite songs by the lovely Lily Allen~

On a little side note; how freaking cute are Kelly Osbourne and her fiance Luke?!!

Bellow we have an old photo of Zooey Deschanel, always the stylish vintage shopper, I love the adorable pink ribbon in her hair gives the look a very young girly vibe!

Some really cool art, don't know who the artist is but I'd love to know how this painting came about! Nothing like a little tie dye alien art to inspire an artist! Fo Rizzle