Friday, June 12, 2009

Why sleep when you can be annoyed?

Okay so there is some kind of construction going on outside my building and I swear to god the sounds coming from outside sound like bowl movements, and crying cows! It's been off and on the last 30 minutes, it's crazy! I couldn't sleep so I turned on Electric Feel and danced myself outta bed! Checked my myspace which I had neglected for a few weeks and forgot all about this little superpoke pet I got that I have to like bathe and feed daily and the poor thing was covered in flies. So every time someone went to my page they saw my little baby tiger Karima (my name from French class) sitting in a pile of poo being swarmed by flies... I also put up some photos and commented my friend Kelli whom I haven't seen in like 10 months! To this day she's the only friend I could ever tolerate to see on a daily basis for a long period of time and that was in high school, god did we do some crazy shit! I hate keeping up with myspace cause you have to message everyone back and it takes forever and when you forget to message someone back and then remember a few weeks later they ignore you plus every single guy who wants to add you as a friend has to ask you out and when you tell you don't hook up with people you meet online they treat you like a bitch and block you! I might just delete my account one of these days but I like to make my page look pretty lol. (My first lol in 5 blogs, that's good cause I'm trying to cut down! and replace it with Ha!) Now I'm IM'n with my friend Ellen so I'll leave ya with some pretty pics of clothes I would love to ware!
I love Evan's style! I would totaly ware these two above dresses, If I could aford them!

My prom dress, that's not me this is the picture that was online of it, I love this dress but have only worn it once, not much use for a prom dress pre-high school...

For shits and giggles love that chelsea handler and chuy!

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