Friday, June 12, 2009

No Wow?

As of right now I'm rocking out to The Kills and Bat For Lashes. Great music to inspire and get ya motivated! I like a lot of off beat music like Fever Ray and MGMT that most my friends have never heard of and think is hippie music... I see it as music with a blurred definition of genres. I really am in love with the music of MGMT particularly Electric Feel which is one of my all time favorite songs! I can't put it into words really any better than if you just listened to the song, it's amazing in an unusually awesome way.
The lovely and quirky Alison Mosshart of The Kills and The Dead Weather above, photo is from! Yesterday I had a new thermostat installed which was not a big deal like I thought it would be... I thought it would make the air conditioner work ha! It only shows a more accurate temperature. I really hate the heat, I mean i can tolerate being in the 80's if It's cause I'm doing something fun out doors but once were in the 90's I'm sweating like a sprinkler and running for shade! This past weekend it was only 76 degrees outside and I had the air programed on 71 but the thermostat said it was 84 in my apartment! I was livid cause that's just ridiculous and anyway I though a new thermostat would help... wrong! oh well on to my next rant... Okay I have to mention it even though everyone does. It's how annoying Miley Cyrus is! I mean she used to be this cute little innocent kid and then that "little" picture scandal happened, then she got a much older boyfriend (for her age, 16!) and now It's like she just doesn't give a shit cause the cats outta the bag she's a chipmunk faced hoe bag! I blame the parents!!!! I think Miley is a cute girl and has a successful career ahead of her I just see her becoming Lindsay Lohan before long and it makes me sad! =[

See how adorable and innocent she once was, an to think this was her only 4 years ago!
So in my last post I mentioned the TV shows I watch and I forgot to mention Chelsea Lately! It's hysterical and the best late night talk show in my opinion, I just wish it was longer cause Chelsea Handler is freaking hilarious. She's also a brilliant writer I haven't had the chance to read "Are you there vodka? It's my Chelsea" yet but I'm sure it's just as entertaining as her first book:
My Horizontal Life, which I read in less than 24 hours before I had any idea who she was and since then I've been an avid fan of her stand up comedy and and her TV shows, so google her people if you don't know who she is and youtube her to watch clips of her show!

Also a few of my favorite websites worth checking out: a cool artsy online community where you can view, upload and even sell art. you can check out my art at =] is probably my favorite music website that's turned me on to lots of bands I'd never heard of as well as reviews and cool music related articles. is an awesome site to check out and listen to new music and updates on your favorite artists as well as a cool weekly top ten article that lists 10 new songs worth listening to! I watch very little television and what I do watch comes from links hosted by this site, perfect for people who don't watch enough TV to actually have cable and most the links work really well.

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