Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Down In the Weeds

So I watched the first episode of the 5th season of weeds on showtime today! Eh... I thought it was kinda anti-climatic, even the beginning was boring. I will say that last year Silas was looking hotter than ever and I think this year it'll be Shane soaking up some of his hottie spotlight! I'll keep watching the show cause I've got a while before Dexter returns and plus I really wanna see Jennifer Jason Leigh wreck havoc on the show! For old times:
Silas at the beginning or season 4 on Weeds.

Another really good show worth checking out is Skins it's a UK show, shown on the E4 channel you can look up the show on great show with a realistic portrayal of teenagers and college students today. Three seasons down the hatch, but you'll be a little sad to know that after season 2 the entire cast was replaced except for "Effy Stonem" thank god! But the third season was just as good but not quite the same. The writers kinda forgot about some of the characters towards the end of the season but that's a picture of the new cast above.

Pandora and Effy (In all black) From skins season 3 episode 8. I love these two characters but poor Pandora started off with a "wicked" storyline but then the show focused more on Effy's love triangle. Hopefully season 4 she'll get a good storyline that plays through the whole season, she's a really pretty girl as you'll see in episodes 3 and 4 but they dress her so frumpy! Errr...

My all time favorite comedic show is The Office!

I also just recently got into Breaking Bad so check those out!

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