Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trends I Can't Stand

Baggy pants with boxers (or worse) sticking out!
High waisted skinny jeans... I've never seen anyone look good in these pants! They're unattractive and unflattering on even the slimmest of figures.Now a little natural rip in your jeans can look cool in a natural grunge way but one look I started seeing everywhere this past summer was shredded and ripped jeans and tops. Now I've seen more than a few tops and dresses that don't look trashy or tacky at all but for some reason I hate the ripped pants and leggings I think that they do look trashy and cheap no matter what some of them cost.
When did having a tattoo become a trend? I remember growing up having a tattoo was scandalous but for some reason the last 5 years or so it seems everyone has one now, which is awesome I love tattoo art but I've seen way too many people with the shh... tattoo and even the mustache finger tattoo. For one thing I think getting a tattoo should mean something to the person getting it and 2nd getting the same tattoo as thousands of other people just cause celebrities get it is LAME!Personalized jewelry with your name on it... can't stand it.
Acid washed an bleached jeans = yuck!One look and you should understand. when I was little jelly sandals were popular and where are those now? So hopefully these fade away as quickly!
Giant bug eyed sunglasses. Now I love sunglasses but the really big ones with the small nose piece like above are just ridiculous!They are just rubber bands, that are colorful and come in shapes that you can't even see when u put them on! Whats the deal?

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