Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Movies For Halloween

This is a little list I've comprised of some of what I think are the scariest & most suspenseful or even hilarious, Halloween appropriate movies that I would watch and recommend for this time of year!I'm some what of a movie buff like most people but one thing I'm not is a horror movie buff. For a few reasons... #1 most "scary" movies I see are in fact really dumb, so dumb that I have to add commentary and break the movie down to everyone else to help them realize that it is in fact a comedy. #2 I don't like any movie with the word exorcist in the title or anywhere in the description this cuts out a fair chunk of horror movies new and old. #3 I don't like gore or lots of blood. It's not so much the ick factor because I know it's not real and it hardly ever even looks real in movies but I find that what you don't see if done right is even more scary. #4 I'm just more of a drama or black comedy fan when it comes to movies.
None the less I think there is something on this list for everyone and I recommend that everyone gets the chance to see every movie on this list at least once!

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