Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First Wine Tasting

Last night I went to my first wine tasting at Ludlow Wines "in the heart of the Historic Clifton Gaslight District" and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm about to turn 22 next month and before last night I'd never had a glass of wine. I can remember a handful of times when I was younger when my mother kept a box of wine in the fridge and I'd tilt my head under the nozzle to try it. I never liked it, in fact I hated it but I was a child and the nozzle looked like fun! I don't know if that influenced me or not as I got older but needless to say if someone offered me wine I'd turn it down in favor of rum, vodka or some mixed drink.
My opinion of wine has certainly changed at least now I know that I can in fact enjoy the taste of wine. I went with my mother to the wine tasting and we each tried two glasses of white wine and two glasses of red. Over all I preferred the white wine and even purchased a bottle of Vin Fou (we were told it means "crazy wine") which was the first white wine we tried and our favorite of the night.
I'm definitely going again, the owners where very friendly and the atmosphere was really pleasant with lots of other people there and good conversation flowing through out the room. It made me feel like a grown up! I'd suggest for other people that know little to nothing about wine or even those who think they know everything about it to go to a wine tasting near them and expand your knowledge and taste buds at the very least you'll get to try something new and have a good a time.

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