Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trends I'll Always Love

Black nail polish...
the more chipped the better!Black and White stripes:
Anything... everything! I love the black and white lines they're classic and edgy!Ballet Flats: Are super cute and comfy and can go with everything.Hand warmers:
They're cuddly warm and not nearly as think and annoying as mittens or gloves, plus they keep you from having to poke holes in the arm of your hoodies for your thumbs to go through. Plus you just feel cool wearing them!Mismatched Earrings:
I love the Rayanne Graff style of the 90's or what people today call Mary-Kate Olsen chic lol but the thing I admired the most about her style was her waring two different pairs of earrings... the right mix of wrong can be pretty awesome!Colorful streaks:
Every girl and some guys too has added highlight tot heir hair, the brighter and colorful the better! I'm going to be a 50 year old women and still put colored streaks in my hair from time to time!
Chain link purses:
A classic that never goes out of style all kinds of brands and stores carry versions of the this classic purse, but what I love is the chin link handle!Colorful Scarves:
wrapped around or draped over your neck, tied to a purse or holding up your hair they never go out of style in my wardrobe!White Eyeshadow:
I might have added it on a little thick in Jr. High but with white eyeshadow a little can go a long way and with eyeliner, mascara and light pink lips it a simple way to draw attention to the eyes without being too bold.Braids:
I love braiding a piece or two of my hair here and there when my hair is down, it might look girly to some but I think it's pretty and flattering!

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