Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taylor Momsen Is A Revolver

I for one really like Taylor Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless and her grungy baby doll style but for all the fans there are an equally amount of hatters. Those like Perez Hilton... who have called her a prostitot and other nasty names fail to realize just how normal her behavior is when it comes to young girls growing up in the music industry. Seeing her on the cover of Revolver I could already hear the backlash of people sharpening their claws to rip her a new asshole on how she should and shouldn't dress/act. So take a look at Britney spears before she was legal on the cover of a magazine:
So I ask you is she really being so inappropriate? I know even Britney Spears received some back lash for this cover but she was also extremely popular and at the top of the charts when this came out. She wasn't being called a baby prostitute and worse! An Taylor Momsen isn't even showing as much skin or being as sexually suggestive. I think the real problem people are having is that she is not trying to be a pop star if she was I doubt she'd be getting as much backlash. It's acceptable and even standard really for pop singers to exploit their sexuality and show lots of skin but for someone who's music is more rock and roll and who's style is darker they're more offended. I wonder why that is?

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