Thursday, October 14, 2010

You've Got The Love - I've Had The Love

Florence & The Machine has been my favorite band ever since I heard the track Dog Days Are Over on an episode of Skins a few years ago. Their songs still make their way onto my mix Cd's and playlist even after I've heard them thousands of times. The real magic in the machine comes from the heavenly hellish lyrics that make for some amazing poetry. Florence's voice is harsh and violent but mixed with the lyrics and music the songs become smooth and pleasantly tormented. The #1 album I most look forward to is their sophomore album that I've been waiting on for what seems like forever.
What I can't help being frustrated about though is their most recent adventures with tacky pop culture events. The MTV awards was shameful enough but Dancing w/the Stars? Really??? It's like your favorite book that no one you know has read that suddenly gets made into a movie and now everyone is carrying around a copy. It's the green eyed monster meets the elephant in the room. It's not so much that their fans are growing and more people are being swallowed up by their brilliant music, it's that something so special and unique is mixing with generic, flavor of the month trends. It's just not right! I want the band to get all the credit it deserves I just like them standing alone in the sparkling shadows then bundled with everyone else. The one pop culture cross over they did that I LOVED was the song Heavy In Your Arms they did for the Twilight movie Eclipse, because not only did it get them to release new material but the song was amazing and stayed true to their aesthetic. The possible vibe of their next album scares me because I'm so hopelessly attached to Lungs. As devoted and hopefully as I try to be that their creativity and uniqueness will pull through whatever waves of fame and pop culture influence that has come their way, for the new album. I still see Lungs as being the rare untainted voice that transcends love and death and is simply unique in it's sound and energy that will be hard to match let alone surpass!!! I eagerly wait for more Florence & The Machine music!

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