Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodbye Limewire

Yesterday was a very, very sad day for me. My Limewire program refused to load and let me download any music! Say what you will about it being illegal and wha wha whatever but I'm freaking poor and with all the music I love and listen to it would be Impossible for me to buy even 1/4 of the artists I adore Cd's. Not to mention that a lot of the music I listen to I discovered online on websites where the artist usually will let you download a few songs or even a mini album for free! Artist use the Internet to get people to hear about them and listen to their music... the consequence of that is people hear that music for free. I'm on the hunt for a new program that will let me download music for free cause I'm not going back to the times in the mid 90's when I recorded the songs I liked off the radio onto a cassette player, that's whack y'all!

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