Thursday, October 28, 2010

My #1 Favorite Halloween Costume 2010

Not everyone has as much love for Wednesday Addams as I do but she's my first choice for a Halloween costume this year. I've seen a lot of people dressed as her online that look more like pilgrims than a Gothic homicidal tween.

Tips to pull off Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume:

#1: Black pig tales (obviously) maybe use some sort of skull hair tie on the ends. #2: Gothic inspired black dress with wide sleeves (the white collar on the dress is not the only way to look like Wednesday Addams... see top photo!) #3: Black Lace Tights. Even if you have a long dress it works and are a nice, sexy detail that really add to the look. #4: Black Boots. What can I say Wednesday looks like a combat boots kind of girl and high heels are not gonna cut it. #5: Pale skin with simple black eyeliner mascara for make up nothing too over the top and NO red lips!!!! #6: Carry around a doll (not a barbie) that's missing it's head... or even just the head.

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