Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Cast Of Skins

Well folks here they are! I know skins fans are opinionated and loyal but most the fan comments on e4 have been bashing the second generation with little hope for the third. I along with a good deal of other Skins fans have confidence and hope in the show that is as known for reinventing it's self as it is for it's controversial story lines. I love this show and like everyone else I was sad to see the first generation replaced but I grew to love the second generation and I know the third generation and the next two seasons to come will be just as interesting and entertaining. This time around the cast has a totally different look and vibe I'm excited to see them all in character on screen! This is my totally superficial guess at who I think will be the most interesting characters :) I'll update when the show stars to see if my estimations are correct.
Beautiful hipster tomboy... I wonder what her issues will be?He could be a loyal best friend with a wishy washy sexuality or a tortured trouble maker! She could be a goody goody or the wild child...

One thing is for sure, I'll be watching!

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