Monday, November 1, 2010

Artist Unknown

Two recent incidence involving my blog have brought my attention to something that maybe wasn't crystal clear in some of my previous posts. My main focus with this blog is to share my interest and fascination with all forms of art. In some of my earlier posts I would just post one photo or a series of photos that I found online and I would title that post with whatever the art brought to my mind and I often times didn't know who the artist of these photos were and I wouldn't go to great lengths to find out. I still do posts like this where I'll do a search for photos where I have a theme in mind like say skull graffiti and then I put all my favorite pictures on my blog to share with whoever reads it.
I have never claimed to own any photos or artwork that I did not make myself.
I am an artist but I rarely post my own artwork on this blog and every time I have, I've stated very clearly that it was my work. So everytime I post pictures of art and I don't say "this is my work" then it's not my work! I chose to use this blog to share art that inspires me & If I discover an artist that I particularly love I will post links to their website and links to other blogs that show their work. I don't do this with every photo I post because most photos online are not listed by the person who took them or created them.
So just to make sure it is now crystal clear most the art shown on this blog is NOT mine. It is art by various artist that I like and admire. I mention the artist of said artwork when I know who the artist is. When I do post my own art on this blog I mention in the post that It's my work.

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