Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Only Exception

I've been awfully sick the last two weeks not doing much more than reading, listening to music, sketching and trying to break through time. I like to blog about things that interest me and to share cool photos I find and artist that inspire me and most my findings come from some corner of the Internet and I just haven't had much taste to get on the computer recently. Hopefully my sudden late night burst of energy spills into the rest of this month.
Is there anything more splendid and euphoric than music? It's a wonderful way to channel your energy and thoughts and get something back in return. I've mentioned my enthusiasm for the new Gossip album but I've been taken over by another girl fronted indie rock bands new album and it blows the competition right out of the water!

I'm speaking of Brand New Eyes by Paramore. They had me at "Here we go again" but it was more of a kindred spirit type love but from the first listen of their new album I can't help but describe it as true love at first er listen! The songs go deeper and indie-er than the first single Ignorance which is actually my least favorite song on the album. And the lyrics speak to a wider more inhibited audience and well I'm just a sucker for an anti-love song that speaks to what every cold empty hearted soul keeps locked up... that we all hope to find that one exception to everything we know to be painfully heartlessly true! An Paramore delivers it all track after track :) an they are just getting started! Listen to a few of my favorite track of Brand New Eyes

I'll stop at five but seriously this album is the best work they've ever put out and I'm thrilled!

My dreaded birthday is vastly approaching like that skittles or M&M commercial where that guy eats out of his friends hour glass speeding up his ageing progress lol and well It's making me want to be young and careless all over again I had blue height lights once and I'm think I'd like to do all of my hair a crazy color like teal or violet my hair is just so long and well I'm a natural brunette so It's not gonna be easy and I'll probably chicken out cause there is nothing worse that having your sweet old grandparents look at you like they brought the wrong kids home from the circus ya know? Ehh... Idk, I'm almost 21 and I remember turning 16 like it was yesterday. My birthday in general always sucks and I have other reasons to hate the week of my birthday but this whole rapid ageing thing really makes me want to do away with birthdays all together!
I'll leave you with my favorite artist of the moment Joshua Petker this piece is called I Don't Love Anyone

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