Friday, October 30, 2009

Worlds Best Office

Okay so I hate weddings especially the really traditional ones but... I love the office it's really is the best comedic show on television and even when they have an off episode that's more craptastic the fantastic they always make up for it! The six season has started off more slow than fast but the wedding episode was one of the best outta the last two seasons. Jim and Pam got married and though I had given up all hope that the wedding would ease the pain of the will they or won't they couple officially making it official... they totally got me! I admit my eyes got a little moist when Pam and Jim ran away from their wedding party to get married on a boat by the Niagara Falls and it all seemed finally and non-traditional perfect for them! All the dancing and Dwight kicking towards the end was just icing on the wedding cake cause what really made this video was seeing that sometimes getting what you want can be a great thing!
An then there was one of the most stupid office episodes ever... Mafia...
Yea the title had promise but it was a major let down after the lolgasmic wedding episode. Thankfully they came back swinging with: The Lover
which is now up there as one of the best Office episodes EVER!


  1. i never did get into that show but i dont turn it off when it's on either. im actually really impressed that steve carrell has stayed with the show this long. Usually when a star gets that big they abandon the thing that made them famous (Or in his case, more famouser). its cool that he's stuck with it. i think it says a lot.

  2. I agree 100%, and you can kinda see on the show how much fun the whole cast has working together on it. But um yea I didn't like the show at first and thought it was stupid lol but I watched the whole 1st season on dvd with a friend one night and I got hooked, it's the weird little randomness that makes it!