Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hide & Seek

It's frustrating trying to find yourself... like playing hide and seek and having to do both. While trying to elude what's chasing you; your in pursuit of something as well. My passion for art, in all it's forms seems to flicker like a flame though it's much more durable that fire, I still find myself unsure and wavering on what to do with my need to create and how to grow from it. Millions of people want to be and a lot of them are; artists. What makes a successful artist? This is something that been debated forever I'm sure and I know in my heart of hearts it's being proud and satisfied with your own work and using your own vision to complete yourself. Still I wish that were enough to satisfy me but by golly I want the glory too! So I guess my real question is what makes a happy artist? I've always been creative and I've been keeping sketch books since I could draw a stick figure. Yet I went 18 years of my life being passionate about something else entirely. It wasn't until I lost my ability to see the world as I'd been taught, that my heart and soul switched over into another realm of possibilities. Since then I've been awakened to a different view, a realist with a flair for color and constant questions. I'm an artist because it's out of my control, I broke through the glass and used my bloody wounds to paint myself a new beginning. That was the easy part. Now I'm creating my way through my early twenties in search of happiness, success and myself. Thank god for mp3's they really are the soundtracks to our lives and a good selection makes for a better movie!


  1. Did you paint this??? And if so, is it for sale? Or prints?