Monday, September 21, 2009

Best Dressed Divas

Chloe Sevigyn dressed to perfection as always.My favorite dress at the Emmy's hands down! I just love it, Leighton Meester got everything right from the red lips and clutch to the gold cuffs and swept up locks! It's beyond lovely. The best Sandra Oh has EVER looked!
The best dressed Diva was hands down Miley Cyrus. Her dress was drop dead gorgeous. I want it for myself, although I couldn't rock the backless look anywhere near as good as she did! I'm kinda starting to come around and actually like this girl! Or at least her stylist!And is it just me or did Jordin Sparks loose like 50lbs? Any way she looks amazing!I adore Kelly Clarkson and she is my favorite Diva of the bunch and as a big girl I'm all for extra curves but she's looking a little too Rachel ray/Lisa Marie Presley in the face... maybe her teeth were swollen or something!Dear sweet Adele, I love your classic style and we all know black is slimming but please add some color to your wardrobe! Either way all these lovely Divas were my favorite and best dressed of the night both at the Emmy's and VH1 Divas!

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