Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shakespeare's Dictionary

I just read the most amazing thing! In all my English classes and after all the endless book reports and required reading material handed down by teachers for 12 years of schooling I never was told that William Shakespeare was responsible for creating 2,000 words in the English language! How ever did this happen? I was reading up on the Tudor period at think link: http://www.the-tudors.org.uk/tudor-alphabet.htm and apparently when Mr. Shakespeare was looking for a word to describe a particular feeling and couldn't find one he would simply make a word up for it! It's hard to imagine such a creative and intuitive soul like his looking like the above picture! I personally like to think he was more like the character depicted in Shakespeare In LoveSome of the words He created were:
Accused, Addiction, Amazement, Arouse, Assassinate, Champion, Compromise, Critic, Dawn, Elbow, Excitement, Exposure, Generous, Gossip, Impartial, Label, Lonely, Luggage, Negotiate, Obscene, Premeditated, Torture, Worthless... to name a few!

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