Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Couldn't Find A Golf Club...

Well I just watched the Weeds season finale and I couldn't be happier! Shane who has been moving up my list of actors to watch is pretty much the best part of the show. Aside from Andy and I will admit Celia cracks me up but this season has been a little on the boring side that is until the last 5 minutes of the finale! ~SPOILER~ I was not expecting for Pillar to actually go so far as to threaten to kill Nancy's kids and I never would have predicted what came next but I'm so glad it did! When Shane knocked Pillar in the head with the croquet mallet I could help but smile darkly to myself. Sure Shane has officially gone over the deep end but that look on his face afterwords was priceless! I can't Wait for next season to see how Alexander Gould's character Shane evolves on the show! He's almost all grown up now but I remember when he was just the weird kid that licked his own blood how he's stone cold killer who weapon of choice is a golf club... unless a croquet mallet is handy!

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