Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Current Book Obsession: The Demonata Series

I've been spending most of my time this month reading. It's cold and boring during these winter months but it's a great time to curl up in a comfy spot and go somewhere else in the form of a really good book! I'd just finished Charlaine Harris, Harper Connelly series (Overall it was pretty good, not near as interesting as the Sookie Stackhouse series but they made for good, quick reads. The last two book in the series are the best!) and I was looking for another series to get into that would really... rock my world? Anyway last year I read the entire Cirque Du Freak series and LOVED it! It's was great series that I went through super quick and that really made my imagination do back flips it was so detailed and fantastical. So I looked into the author Darren Shan and found another series of his that's only 10 books called The Demonata Series (Picture of those books is above, the below pic is of all the cirque du freak books.) Now this series is way more bloody and definitely falls into a horror category but It's also kind of science fiction in that it's mostly about other universes and realities that exist around our own world and the demons and people that control them and about the stories of unique people who try to fight these demons to protect earth and themselves by traveling through these other universes in search of weapon that can either destroy earth or all the demon universes.
It's very twisted and complicated plot that weaves back and forth between different characters and different points in time but it's amazing! I'm only half way through the third book and I'm hovering on the edge of my seat to see what happens next, and next... I'm 22 and this series is supposed to be for kids and young adults but I really wouldn't want a little kid to read this one cause it's all blood, guts and demons and two I'm not sure they would be able to really follow it. Whatever the case I find this series to be very interesting and appealing to people of all ages that like fantasy, mystery, science fiction or horror genres. So If your looking a for a few good reads these would definitely fit the bill!

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