Monday, January 10, 2011

US Skins Almost Here

I can't be sure yet but I THINK that Eura will be my favorite character on the show. I love the spot I saw where she drew on every ones head (even her own) but I haven't seen much of her in the previews.This photo reminds me of at least 40 guys I've gone to school with since I was in like 6th grade. A we bit stereotypical but sometimes stereotypes are living breathing friends and neighbors.Tea looks to be the runner up for favorite character. The trailers make her seem like a lesbian Effy and even a little bit like Naomi from seasons 3 and 4. Cassie was my favorite character on the original skins and Caddie is clearly a Cassie knock off but she looks like she might be able to pull it off. I'm trying to remain as optimistic as possible about the us show which starts a week from today. The trailers seem all to staged and almost shot for shot remade after the original but supposedly only 2 or 3 episodes follow the UK versions storyline. We shall see but I am at least excited to get even a taste of the skins show I love back!

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