Thursday, January 20, 2011

F*ck My Rusty Sheriffs Badge

One of my new favorite shows is Californication thanks to being able to order dvds from the library and while It sucks how short the episodes are and how short the season is, it's worth it cause this show cracks me up!
Eva Amurri is a great actress I love her in Saved but wow I had no idea how gorgeous she was, she's got like the perfect body now that she's putt on a little weight and Blond really is her color. Wonder if she'll be back for season 4?
My favorite character on the show is cokey smurf or Marcy Runkle played my Pamela Adlon. She has some of the best lines on the show and her story lines always crack me up! My favorite line of hers is "Well fuck my rusty sheriffs badge" right after her husband invests $100,000 in a porn movie. An did you know she's also the voice of Bobby Hill??? wtf this women is hilarious how on earth does she make that voice? She was also a voice of one of the twins in rugrats! I'm killing time till the next episode, I hope Hank gets over the over rated Karen and that his daughter goes back to her goth roots. Also Mia needs to get her ass kicked and jail could do hank some good I think!

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