Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tortured With Tofu

Never. Ever. Again.
I really tried to make a deliciously seasoned stir fry with tofu as you can see from the picture above. Sadly it was not humanly possible. While the finished product looks edible (below) it was the most disgusting, slimy, inedible food I've ever tried! The texture of it, the taste of the inside ugggh. It's like easting a thick chunk of worm or something equally slimy and gross. No tofu for me on my quest towards vegetarianism. Sorry folks but when it comes to non meat, meat substitutes tofu is NOT the way to go! This was my first taste of true horror since I started to ween myself off meat and thankfully I tried other meat substitutes before tofu or I would have been scared right back into the arms raw cooked flesh!


  1. One advice from recent vegan: No meat substitute is supposed to taste like meat :). The taste is just different, period. It substitutes meat in nutritional values and is way more healthy. And if prepared right, it can be as tasty as meat ;)

    Another advice for cooking tofu: use as fresh one as possible. Allways press the water out of tofu. That way it absorbs way more flavour from marinade or the sauces from cooking.
    I hope you will give tofu another try ;)

  2. I know the tofu I got was fresh from the store... but I did not press the water out. Maybe that would make a difference. I might give it another chance in a few more months, I'm still recovering from the first attempt. Any prefered spices to use when cooking tofu?