Friday, December 3, 2010

The LA Ink Cast Broke Up?

So I recently subscribed to netflix (which is awesome btw) and one show I've been dying to check out is LA Ink. I don't have cable, it's a waste of money cause I don't watch much TV and plusI already have the Internet. Anyway I hadn't seen a single episode I'd just herd other people praise the show and I'm fascinated with tattoos and would LOVE to one day become a tattoo apprentice so for all of these reasons I was really excited to see the the first season on DVD. I had no idea that there have already been like 3 or 4 seasons so far... damn I'm behind.
Anyway I'm 7 episodes in and I have to say I love the show it's really interesting and the tattoo work is amazing but I could care less about Kat Von d, her work is good but I just find her less interesting than Hannah, Corey and Kim. Those 3 make the show worth watching. Well preparing to blog about my new obsession I came across some articles that said that all 3 of them left the show after season two? What! That sucks I mean Corey is a legend and one of the best as everyone says but what made the show for me was having WOMEN tattoo artist on the show and both Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh are so fascinating and talented they are my new tattoo artist role models. I don't think I'll watch the show once they go. They need their own show or something because they really showcased what women tattoo artist are capable of in a male dominated industry. Not to totally hate on Kat Von D or anything I mean she did introduced a lot of people to those two amazing female artist and I love her for that because she did pick 3 of the best tattoo artist for her show. Unfortunately now that they're gone that sucks cause I don't think she's interesting enough to carry her own show about tattoo art. But I've still got like a season and a half to go to enjoy the show and see how it all goes down!


  1. Thanks, Jessica! Come check out Hannah's latest doings at:

  2. Totally agree, Hannah has recently completed a large back piece and left sleeve on me. Hannah is the real deal! She is just as nice in person as on the show. LA Ink totally sucks now that the 3 of them are gone!!!! Her art is awesome!!!!

  3. Yea I'd love to get a tattoo by her some day!