Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marion Bolognesi Makes Eyes So Pretty They Bleed!

Are you In Love yet? I was after I saw these pictures. I remember reading somewhere that females are more likely to be drawn to particular shapes like hearts, stars, circles and that they're prone to notice the lips and eyes first on a person and I think that's true. What I like about these watercolor paintings is that they seem so fantastically feminine with each painting reminding me of a runny flower or butterfly, like each photo is of a teary eyed girl running from a masquerade ball. But what I really see in these photos makes me wonder which part of these watercolors painting is the real mask. So beautiful and mysterious, Marion Bolognesi paints the masks we wear everyday that are constantly slipping and exploding with color. I love art! An she does kinda remind me of Joshua Petker my FAVORITE artist!
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