Sunday, November 28, 2010

Really? Why You Gotta Try So Hard?

Why? Why? Why? Why are they trying so hard? Real life is provocative, and the Skins UK show and at least with the first two seasons it was so good because it was so real. It wasn't trying so hard to be edgy and provocative. An the more I read about and see the MTV promotion for the US version the more turned off of it I get. This show will never live up to the original. So why do they think that instead of doing an original American spin on it and trying to make a good show it's better to just be raunchy and cheap and focus on the party side of the characters and not the real depth of the characters? Fucking American television! This last pic isn't so bad and I like the black and white style photos better then the ripped off look of the top photo from shoots with the second generation cast of girls!

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